Do you think that UI developer, UX developer, and a Web developer are the same thing?

Well, you are not alone. Many people assume these three disciplines of web development to be the same.
But they are not the same things. Although all are related to website development, they are distinguished by their functions and required skills.

If you are making a career in this field or looking to develop a website, it is important to understand these fields’ differences.

And that’s what this piece of article is meant for. Here I have explained and dissected the terms of UI developer, UX developer, and Web Developer. After going through this one, you will not only get familiar with each field but also understand which one is great for your career or business.

Let’s get started from the term web development first.

Who is a Web Developer?

In plain English, a web developer develops a website by writing lines of complicated codes and using other tools. They receive a web design from a client or a design team and turns it into a website.

This way, a web developer builds a website from scratch and ensures that a user can navigate it easily. Perhaps, it is the oldest profession to develop a website.

Web development is further divided into three parts:

  • Client-Side Scripting: The code is implied on web browsers to determine what the users will see as soon as they open the web page or application.
  • Server-Side Scripting: This is the code being implied on a web server and to empower the back-end systems.
  • Database Technology: It is important for the website or application to run smoothly and effectively.

These technologies lead to three web developers—front end developer, back end developer, and full stack developer. The front-end developer works on the general website appearance, while the back-end developer takes care of the background and ensure all the functions are smooth. A full-stack developer who can do both front-end and back-end development.

A web developer must work closely with designers and project managers to create the products according to requirements and within the deadline and budget. They are sometimes required to make a prototype to let the clients know what the finished product will look and feel.

What are the Skills Required by a Developer?

A web developer should have expertise in HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and client-side technologies. This is mainly related to front-end developers.

  • A web developer should understand programming languages, including Ruby, ASP, Java, C, C++, Bash, Python, etc.
  • They should be experts in databases like MySQL.
  • They should know how to build and maintain websites and applications and how to purchase a domain and web hosting.
  • They have to ensure compatibility with all the web browsers and define the layout of a website and its functioning.
  • They should know how to use CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • Fixing bugs, troubleshooting, and resolving the concerns.
  • Assuming ownership of code across staging, testing, production, and development.

Who is a UI Developer?

User Interface or UI is a practice to ensure seamless interaction between a user and a computer. A UI developer’s role is to make digital interactions fun, simple, easy, and useful. A UI developer’s job is more user-oriented as they have to understand the design from a user perspective. A UI developer is likely to use CSS, HTML, jQuery, and JavaScript. Unlike a front developer who stresses all of them, a UI developer is expected to prefer HTML and CSS.

They are the specialist who works over the look, feel, and interaction of an app or a website.

With the skeleton of the website created, the UI designer enters to get it into visual form. The UI designer works over all the visual aspects of the user’s journey, including all the screens, gestures, and touchpoints that the user might use; think swiping a screen, tapping a button, or scrolling down a page.

They focus on how users will interact with the particular interface as well as how the navigation performs. They can integrate design with technical skills. This way, they make a website or application look good and feel great.

They create visual designs and change them into HTML code to make sure they are compatible with any browser. Browser compatibility is essential to maintain the interactivity of an app or a website.

UI developers generally work with software developers, testers, product managers, and UX designers.

What are the Skills Required by a UI Developer?

Having the expertise of graphics and visual programs.

  • Being good at coding and programming languages.
  • Being well versed in technical skills.
  • Having knowledge of design and building a great appearance.
  • Having knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and client-side technologies.
  • Having expertise in developing the architecture for every element supporting the entire application.

Who is a UX Developer?

You must have understood about web developers. You must have understood about UI developer. Let’s talk about a UX developer.

UX means user experience. Therefore, a UX developer’s role is built around ensuring the right user experience with a website or a mobile app. They are also defined as a type of front-end developer or an interaction designer.

Broadly speaking, it is a hybrid set of skills between that of a designer and a coder. A UX developer is expected to understand a user’s needs with the site interface and program accordingly.

It is all about enhancing the satisfaction of the consumer by keeping them interested in the website interface.

A UX designer aims to make a website or app engaging, user-friendly, and interactive for the target audience in a nutshell.

For example, a UX designer will make an elderly supplement website useful and accessible for seniors by working over its fonts, color scheme, and essential Call to Action buttons.

User Interface (UI) is generally confused with UX due to the user-focused functions of both disciplines. But they have some common core differences. UI is all about working over the look and feel as well as the presentation of the product. UX is all about improving the interaction, navigation, and discoverability of desired elements on the page. UX design generally comes first in the development process, followed by UI. The UX designer plans the user journey; the UI designer than brings it to life with visual and other elements.

It is one of the most sought-after careers in the field of web development.

What are the Skills Required by a UX Developer?

  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Basic knowledge of databases.
  • Having expertise in Design tools and wireframing as well as prototyping.
  • Being efficient in visual communication elements like layout, color, icons, images, and typography.


To conclude, UX, UI, and Web developers are essential to make a powerful website. They have different functions but perform towards getting the same goal and provide a solution to the technological issues.

Web development is required to be integrated with UX and UI to build a successful website. I hope that some of you adorable readers won’t agree with me and that you will voice it by dropping your opinions to the comment box. If you love this article, you are more than welcome to express your views in the same comment box. Happy reading!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1- Which is the Best Career Choice among Them?

A1- Well, all are great career fields and in constant demand. Given the rise of user-oriented designs, there is a booming career in UX and UI fields.

Q2- Are UX and UI the Same Things?

A2- Although these web development realms sound similar, they are differentiated by their core functions. UI is all about improving the interface while UX stresses enhancing the functioning of the website.

Q3- Can Web Development Skills Work for UX?

A3- Yeah, they are more than welcome. But keep one thing in mind—UX requires you to understand your users and their concerns as well as how they interact with the website or app.