PHP frameworks provide general structure to the web applications, and it enhances the app development process that’s why most of the Startups, SMEs, and Large Enterprises prefer PHP frameworks to develop web apps.

Now you might be thinking, how frameworks can enhance the development process? By saving loading time, supporting reuse code features it intensifies the development process. It also accumulates app development time means if you desire to build the app in a shorter time, then PHP Frameworks offers golden chances of developing the app in a faster way.

PHP Frameworks Trends Over Year

Source: tomas votruba

As per the tomas votruba CakePHP, Symfony, Doctrine are top trending PHP tools that are widely downloaded by several users.

If you are planning to develop the web application, then you should use top PHP Frameworks as this will enhance your app performance and will also make your web application and website more user friendly.

10 Popular PHP Frameworks for Web Development

Here I am listing a few PHP Frameworks that will really help you in building the leading web applications.

1. Laravel


Laravel is one of the world’s famous open-source PHP frameworks. It has excellent power of handling complex web applications and for this framework completing this task is just like a game. It makes routing, sessions, caching, and authentication tasks more simple and finally magnifies the development process.

459,818 live websites are utilizing Laravel, and 758,039 sites historically used Laravel.

Why Choose Laravel To Develop Apps?

Laravel is the fully-featured PHP Framework. It includes data migration, MVC architecture, security, routing, view template engine, authentication, and many other features.

This framework helps in designing modern web applications and speed by the process and also offers full security to the app.

By introducing the Homestead, a prepackaged, all-in-one vagrant box Laravel became one of the most appropriate frameworks for developing the web app with a complex backend.

It runs the task asynchronously in the background, and this improves app performance.

If you are thinking of developing a robust app, then you can use the Laravel framework, but for that, you need to hire a Laravel developer.

Famous Application and Website Built By Using Laravel


2. CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter is one of the reliable PHP frameworks suitable for producing dynamic websites. It presents multiple prebuilt modules that support in constructing robust and reusable elements. The size of this framework is of 2 MB; the size also includes its documentation part.

705,017 live websites are utilizing CodeIgniter, and 561,297 sites historically used this framework.

Why Choose CodeIgniter To Develop Apps?

This framework is lightweight, and it offers a hassle-free installation process. If you are a beginner, then do use this framework as it provides easy documentation.

CodeIgniter is faster in comparison with other PHP frameworks. If you want to develop a lightweight web application, then this framework will be most suitable for you.

Its key features include VC architecture, error handling, inbuilt security tools, and it also built scalable apps.

If in case, you need help to develop a leading web app then you can Hire a Codeigniter developer as they will help you in meeting the business.

Famous Website App Built By Using CodeIgniter

  • Casio Computers
  • Freedcamp
  • The Mail & Guardian
  • Buffer

3. Symfony


Symfony was released in 2005, and that’s why it is one of the mature frameworks in comparison with other PHP frameworks. Its incredible and high fidelity features help in building an excellent web application. This is the only frame that knows how to follow the PHP and web standards amazingly.

38,214 live websites are utilizing Symfony PHP Framework, and 58,084 sites historically used this framework.

Why Choose Symfony To Develop Apps?

It allows you to reuse the PHP components; this is one of the critical features of this framework. It offers impressive design patterns, and also provides alliance with other vendor libraries.

Symfony is an excellent choice if you are looking forward to developing web applications for large-scale enterprises. This platform can be configured on most of the platforms.

This PHP framework is highly adjustable, and it can handle small, moderate, and high-level projects in a very realistic way.

Symfony and Laravel hold amazing features, so it is quite hard to say, which will be better for web app development.

Famous Website Application Built By Using Symfony

  • NatGeo Play
  • BlaBlaCar
  • Spotify

4. CakePHP

CakePHP is one of the leading PHP frameworks; it helps in introducing visually impressive features. In comparison with other frameworks, CakePHP is easy to understand and use, it holds CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) features, and this mainly helps developers in learning new things.

60,107 live websites are using CakePHP, and 134,330 sites used this framework historically.

Why Choose CakePHP To Develop Web Apps?

This framework is easy to install and set and for doing you just web server and copy of the framework.

It offers high-level security to the web applications; its security feature includes SQL injection prevention, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, and cross-site scripting (XSS) protection.

This PHP framework supports multiple portals and allows you to develop the web app fastly and appropriately.

You can also Hire a CakePHP developer, to develop the leading web application within very less time.

Famous Web App Built By Using CakePHP

  • Educationunlimited
  • Mapme
  • Elite performance and fitness

5. Yii

Yii administers a robust collection of elements that magnifies the speed of web application development. All sorts of web applications can be built by using Yii. It also offers the leading solution and allows you to create the top-notch web app.

104,319 live websites are utilizing the Yii Framework, and 253,089 sites historically used this framework.

Why Choose Yii To Develop Web Apps?

It makes the developers’ task easy as it holds reuse complex code features in its kit. If you want to develop an e-commerce app or any other app that needs more security features, then you can use this framework as in terms of security purposes, it is one of the finest frameworks.

This top-notch PHP framework has its core developer team and specialists that contribute to its expansion. Great community reaches that can help you in clearing your doubt or issue.

This framework has the capability of customizing each core code. If you are using this framework for the first time, then it will offer you one new learning that is the steep learning curve.

Famous Web Apps Built By Using Yii


6. Zend Framework

Zend Framework

This framework is built on a flexible methodology that mainly helps in delivering a top-notch web application to business clients. This is one of the extensively used PHP frameworks, and it offers multiple leading features that can help you to introduce new features in the web app.

168,989 live websites are utilizing Zend, and 608,717 sites historically used this framework.

Why Choose Zend Framework To Develop Web Apps?

This framework has the capability of handling simple to complex projects. Large IT and bank sector can choose this framework for developing the app.

Zend can integrate with outside libraries; it allows you to use elements that you want to use. It holds incredibly beneficial documentation.

It includes multiple vital features that are MVC components, simple cloud API, data encryption, and session management.

Famous Website Applications Built By Using Zend Framework

  • Magneto
  • TomatoCMS
  • Piwik
  • Pimcore

7. Slim


It is the famous PHP framework that mainly helps developers to create potent web applications and APIs. It allows you to deliver a robust web app.

103 live websites are utilizing Slim Design, and four sites historically used this framework.

Why Choose Slim To Develop Web Apps?

This framework is simple to learn and understand. It is mainly used to build RESTful APIs and web services.

URL routing, session, and cookie encryption, client-side HTTP caching are some leading features of Slim.

If you want to develop a small website, then this framework will be best as it allows you to develop a user-friendly web application.

Web App Built By Using Slim


8. PHPixie

This framework is somehow similar to FuelPHP as it also implements an HMVC design pattern. It allows you to develop a high-performance web application. PHPixie framework was released in 2012.

81 live websites are utilizing Weather Pixie, and 175 sites have historically used this framework.

Why Choose PHPixie To Develop Web Apps?

HMVC architecture, input validation, authorization inclinations, standard object-relational mapping (ORM), authentication, and caching are some key features of the framework.

This framework is suitable for developing social networking web applications. It allows you to introduce multiple features in a web app.

It is built by using independent elements, and that’s why comparatively holds a few modules. This framework is not so popular, and it holds a smaller community in comparison with other PHP frameworks.

Website App Built By Using PHPixie


9. Phalcon


This framework was launched in 2012, and it is written in C and C++ language that’s why it is the C extension PHP. It is a lightweight framework, and it utilizes MVC web architecture design patterns. It delivers top-notch outcomes, so if you want to handle the recognized project, then you can use this platform.

Why Choose Phalcon To Develop Web Apps?

  • If you are planning to develop highly configurable web applications, then you can use this PHP framework.
  • Phalcon efficient memory utilization helps you to develop an app and website in a faster way.
  • However, this framework is not so good in recognizing the bug; we can say that compared to other tools, it offers fewer security features.
  • Its chief features include asset management, increased execution speed, autoloader, etc.

10. FuelPHP


It is the full-stack PHP framework initially launched in 2011. This is one of the top grade PHP frameworks that holds its own version known as a hierarchical model view controller (HMVC). FuelPHP utilizes less time and memory, and that’s why it allows you to develop fastly.

Why Choose FuelPHP To Develop Web Apps?

Its features include HMVC implementation, a URL routing system, vulnerability security, and a caching system.

It allows extending security approaches beyond conventional security measures. This framework can be utilized to create web applications utilizing more or fewer security features.

This is a highly customizable framework that can easily handle small to high-level projects.

Wrapping Up

The Top 10 Popular PHP Frameworks In 2020, ranking is based on the PHP frameworks usage, features, and working. All the stated frameworks offer leading solutions and also holds out of the box features. Several startups, SMEs, and leading brands used PHP frameworks in the app development process, and they received top-notch solutions, and that’s why people nowadays are extensively making use of such frameworks.

If in case, while developing an app by using PHP frameworks, you are fronting any sort of issue or having any doubt; then just save your time by hiring the PHP developers from ValueCoders. This will not only help you in resolving the problem but also support you in meeting the business needs and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- What are PHP Frameworks?

A1- PHP Frameworks basically allows us to build web applications; it provides structure to the website application. By utilizing the PHP framework, you will be able to develop the web app in a shorter time as it allows you to reuse the code and a lot more.

Q2- How PHP frameworks make the app development process simpler?

A2- In various aspects, PHP Frameworks make the app development process easier some of them are:

  • Speed up custom web app development
  • Simplifies the web application maintenance
  • No need to write additional code again and again
  • Allows to use databases more efficiently
  • Self regulate basic web development tasks
  • Shield sites from security attacks
  • Conduct unit testing efficiently

Q3- What is the MVC framework in PHP?

A3- PHP MVC (Model, View & Controller) is the web app design pattern that segregates the web application data and business model from the presentation.

Q4- What are the leading features of PHP frameworks?

A4- PHP frameworks generally involve the following leading features:

  • Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture
  • Database Support
  • Automate Common Web Development Process
  • Documentation Support
  • Convention over Configuration
  • Community Support

Q5- Which Company Is Best To Hire PHP developers?

A5- Here I am listing a few companies that offer leading PHP development services, and they also hold dedicated PHP developers.