Taking a closer look and learning from the updating drive of Google, Twitter, a major social networking site also has new updates under its sleeve. Yes, Twitter has confirmed the update for its Android as well as iOS app. New features have been incorporated and the one that makes it stand tall is the inclusion and support of the new app install Cards.

This update was long sought after and is a much needed one as the Twitter experience on Android required a fresh lease of life. The previous one had lagged behind the iOS version, both in terms of looks and functionality. The regular design that had been annoying many has been given a miss and there is no longer the presence of an artificial ‘margin” or border along the edges of the time-line.

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Before the Update


After the Update

The new look and feel has been given considerable time and research as tweets now span from edge to edge and the time-line is overall taller than the previous one. The tweets are the luring part of the social networking giant and not the previously present useless borders. Though on the iOS version update they are omni-present.

The latest release also inculcates the fact that a flat Android-Holo-esque navigation bar has been added that gives the app a ‘native ‘ feel on the Android platform. The previous one whereas depicted a hotch-potch look of its iOS and Web versions. This update gives it a homely feeling and can be considered as a more ‘Android’ app.

Wait, there’s more to this update. More Android conventions are in the pipeline to mark a presence on this app in this edition. A tap-and-hold- quick action menu that allows the access to favorites, retweets, etc. will also make an impact. Using the Android’s ‘edge swipe’ gesture, there’s an additional feature as well and it is the ability to swipe between tabs. This gives a quick zip through sections, which is lacking in the iOS version.

Together with the above additions, inclusion of automatic suggestions of usernames and hashtags has also been added, which were lacking before. An update from the officials has confirmed that its Web apps have been updated to support the latest app install Cards.

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