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Tsheets Overview, Review & Alternatives 2014



Tsheets allows monitoring employee activities during the work hours to calculate the time spent by an employee on a specific task. An employee can have the rights of editing his/her own timesheet. The application can be used for entering time in an automated manner. However, the manual entry feature can also be available for these timesheets.


Features of Tsheets

Manual, Punch and Custom Time Tracking: Employees can enter their time manually or can clock in and out time using the Punch method. They can assign time to different custom fields, such as projects or tasks.

Employee Management: It brings a simple way to manage employees. One can easily manage personal bio, hourly wages and other details of employees.

Online & Mobile Time Tracking: Employees can use a host of GPS enabled devices to access the timesheet from remote locations. One can use apps meant for Android and iOS devices for time tracking.

Tracking Paid Time Off: Tsheets can be used to manage paid time off of the employees which may include vacation times, sick times and others.

Alerts and Reminders: The tool can send reminders for employees to clock in and out to help improve time tracking.



They have different pricing plans, including a limited free account. The free account allows to create a limited number of clients and projects. The paid plans are:
Freelancer: $10 per user per month.
Business: $5 per user per month up to 100 users + $20 base fee per month.
Platinum: $5 per user per month with unlimited users + $100 base fee per month.

Tsheets has several simple and functional features that one can find very useful for timekeeping needs. One can integrate with Quickbooks for generating invoices and using it for payroll needs. Moreover, it allows accessing the timesheet using a wide variety of devices from remote locations, which is a feature that most businesses will appreciate in the modern times.

Alternatives of Tsheets



Toggl is a time tracking software that allows the user to break down the report by team members and by projects and also allows to calculate billable time for invoicing. The data can be broken down to retrieve detailed reports with respect to exact times, time breaks etc allowing each member, working on a project. It gives a full report of all time entries corresponding to the projects and their team members. The software comes with both online and offline time tracking capabilities.


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Time Doctor

This time management software comes with the features of time tracking with employee monitoring. Screenshots are taken and uploaded at random intervals for managers to review the work-in-progess. It also allows recording vacation time, sick time etc. to find out the exact time spent on a project. Time Doctor calculates the time spent by each of the team members and breaks down the data to help calculate the billable time. It also tracks the time spent by employees on activities such as accessing emails or social media sites. Time Doctor can help generate different types of reports such as Poor Time Use Report, Absent Report and others.


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Harvest has an intelligible built-in timer system to help calculate time in a real-time environment. Moreover, one can calculate the billable time and can add the time sheet to the invoice. It has a quick invoicing feature, allowing users to add taxes, discounts etc. for precise invoicing. The software allows an easy switching between billable and local tasks and also allows to track recurring billing. It offers multiple online payment options and enables payments through web-based invoices. Harvest provides access to timesheets using Android and iOS device



Klok is a time tracking software that can be used to monitor time spent by an individual or a team on a project. It tracks time from start to finish and one can create a variety of timesheets such as weekly and monthly. These timesheets can be exported and saved in excel format. This can help to create separate time and billing databases that can be used to prepare several types of reports and charts for analysis. Klok allows users to access timesheets using their mobile devices.


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