All of us at least once in our lives, or even more, have been in a situation where we want to see something new, but we have neither the strength nor the desire to go to the cinema, and sometimes even money. But why deprive yourself of comfort when you can relax, wrap yourself in your favorite blanket, immerse yourself in the world of cinema without leaving your favorite nest using streaming apps? In this post, we will discuss a few reasons to stay at home and enjoy watching movies. This post, streaming apps vs. cinema will explain why streaming films online via apps is way better than cinema.

Movies Streaming Apps Vs. Cinema

You can wildy smack on your favorite snacks and food

Perhaps the most important advantage of home movie viewing is the freedom of action. You are not constrained by the seat indicated on the ticket, you do not have complete strangers sitting on adjacent chairs on the side, in front and behind, who do not miss the opportunity to make a remark about excessively loud laughter. If we talk about streaming apps vs. cinema, we will note that watching movies at home will allow the viewer to be more comfortable and connected with the movie. There will be less distractions.

In addition, at home you can, without hesitation, crunch your favorite chips as much as you want!

You can enjoy delicious snacks without worrying about anything at home. You can put a pack-bowl like a bowl on the table in front of the screen and crunch together without worrying that someone will be hungry.


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Favorite sofa or armchair in the cinema?

Surely you are familiar with the uncomfortable state when, sitting in a chair in a cinema, you feel an unbearably strong desire to stretch your legs, especially if the session lasts a long time. Many people experience back pain while watching a movie. Having arranged a home theater, you can forget about such inconveniences! You can fall apart on a pouffe, lie down on a sofa or even lie flat on the floor with a pillow under your head.

No need to spend money on a ticket

The financial component of the issue is also important. Now the ticket is not cheap. Staying at home and watching a movie, on the other hand, costs next to nothing. And if you want to watch several director’s films at once in one evening, then the home theater format is almost the only solution. And stocking up on food and drinks for the whole company in the store is more budgetary than buying everything you need at the cinema bar. With the help of the IFvod movies and TV series app, it is even more easier to watch any movie online at home for free.

Easy to Watch with Your Whole Squad

When you decide to watch a movie with your friends at the cinema, you will be forced to adjust to their schedule. If you can still choose a suitable session for yourself, then it is already much more difficult to coordinate the time with the whole company. It is much easier to get together for a house party: you are not tied to any specific time and you can calmly wait for all your friends, and then turn on the movie.

Has it ever happened that you went to see a movie at the cinema and after a while realized that you didn’t like it at all? The ticket has already been paid for, and, of course, no one will return the money for it, even if you left the cinema a few minutes after the start of the session. At home, you can stop watching and choose another movie whenever you want. And you can pause the movie at any time and be distracted by anything without worrying that you will miss an important moment. 🙂 Streaming apps vs. cinema hall also confirms that cinema also have some advantages in this battle since movie theaters provide overall a better audio and video quality.