Generate business leads using online tools

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Every entrepreneur in the world always has a dream of his or her business rising to the top most levels ever in the world. They often derive strategies that can lead to that kind of success. Some adopt those ways that had been used by the people who have already made it in business and others employ experts to help them design a way to success. Prosperity in business is determined by how smart someone is in every aspect of life including technology. Use of technology is one of the ways that contributes to success in business through either advertising, communication, obtaining ideas and even selling using online tools. However more technologically advanced business people grow their companies by ensuring maximum lead flow.

Therefore the ways to generate business leads using online tools include:

1. Using webinars to pass on information to customers

This is the cheapest way of ensuring over a thousand customers get the information that you are trying to give. When webinars are used continuously by an entrepreneur, it increases the number of followers for the business. At the end of a webinar, an entrepreneur must let customers download some sources of the relevant information such as ebooks, newsletters and allow them to log into the website. This way the leads would keep flowing in continuously.

2. Creating a video that is engaging

In today’s world people are not interested in too serious things like using a video that has strictly commercial information. They are instead interested with things that are funny at the same time informative. Therefore an entrepreneur needs to take time to come up with a brilliant idea that when displayed through YouTube, goes viral. They should also take the advantage of YouTube’s ability to accept link addresses to put the addresses of their particular websites on the YouTube channel.

3. Using an engaging blog

Blogging is another way of generating business leads. Always try to make your blog as interesting as possible to encourage many readers. Give the readers an opportunity to sign up for your blog, to avoid. This will help you get more customers and more engagement.

4. Using eBooks to give information about products

In this case an entrepreneur is required to write an eBook that gives information about his products but does not promote them. This way, many people will read because they will view it as a source of knowledge other than an advertisement. The book should also be shared across all social media platforms, to get more engagement.

Generate business leads using online tools

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5. Using Twitter to communicate with and attract customers

Twitter is a platform where one can access those people who greatly influence others. As a business person, try to converse with these people about your products and services. Since they influence other people, potential customers will start joining your conversation and most end up following you and logging on to your site. Through this, the leads come in faster, while Twitter can also be used to directly communicate with customers.

6. Using Infographics to get customers to your website

Just like ebooks the knowledge shared on the infographics should not be self centered. It should be general but interesting. Always place the address of your website at the bottom. These have become very popular and play a great role in generating leads.

7. Networking events

This is where big entrepreneurs meet and share ideas. They issue and exchange business cards. This may not directly increase leads but it increases links with more successful business people. Always ask them to guide you and partner with you. This will eventually increase your leads and hence customers.

8. Using online newsletters

On all your websites and other accounts, give an interface where your fans can sign up for newsletters. This will enable you to get their e-mails addresses which you can use to bring them much closer to you. Make your newsletters as interesting as possible, to engage further with potential customers.

9. Accessing media people through emails

As an entrepreneur one must send email requests to media people to promote your brand story. An interesting story in the market will help you get a much needed publicity for your business.

10. Using online chatting platforms to interact with customers

An entrepreneur should also consider chatting freely with customers through platforms such as WhatsApp, Zorpia, Google+ and WeChat. This will enable you share your website link and get more leads.


Generally anyone who owns a company would like to generate more business leads. A larger percentage of this dream can be achieved by using the online tools explained above. Therefore every entrepreneur should be up to date with the current internet technology.