Gmail New Featue - Block and Unsubscribe

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There is a good news for the Gmail users. Everyone knows the popularity of Gmail as the perfect email service for personal or business purposes. It now has about 900 million users, globally. Now, there is an option for blocking and unsubscribing unwanted emails in Gmail.

Google has recently introduced a new feature – “Block and unsubscribe emails” in Gmail. This feature helps Gmail users to block the irrelevant Email-ids and also to unsubscribe the newsletters in a second.
This Gmail service will let the users to block a particular list of email IDs on the web. According to Google, this service will soon be available on Android phones.

The upcoming mails will automatically be sent to the spam folder in Gmail and can be blocked easily, by going to the Settings menu. Further, the service of unsubscribing will soon be visible in Android too, making Gmail users opt out of the irrelevant mailing lists directly through the Android Gmail app.

Gmail New Feature "Block and Unsubscribe"

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If you want to unsubscribe from specific newsletters, then this feature is for you.

The month of June’15 brought the “undo” feature in Gmail which helps to undo a sent email within 30 seconds of clicking on the send button. This option too, is very helpful for Gmail users to avoid sending of misleading or imperfect emails.