One of the biggest tech stories of the year has undoubtedly been the introduction of wearable technology. And in particular it’s smartwatches that have really caught the public’s attention with the highly¬†anticipated Apple Watch selling out within six hours of its launch.

But like any new technology, there is often a lag between the hardware being released and the software reaching the point where it is making full use of the incredible possibilities offered by the new devices. However, there are some great apps being made available for smartwatches, and here are some of the best.

1. Tamigotchi Classic

There’s nothing better than using the latest cutting-edge tech to play some retro games, and Tamagotchi Classic gives you the chance to enjoy the Japanese pet game all over again. The makers Bandai Namco have invested a lot of time in making the game perfectly adapted for wristwear, so that the user will never be truly free of their new digital friend!

The game is perfectly designed for smaller screens, and there are many other instances of successful microgaming as featured on Royal Vegas Casino’s blog. This illustrates the speed at which Royal Vegas Casino’s huge range of games are being adapted for the wearables market, and it seems that although every effort is being made to make the screen size smaller, the company’s prize winnings seem to be getting bigger than ever!

2. Evernote

Not quite as entertaining, but perhaps slightly more useful is the Evernote dictating app. This allows users to enjoy the highly futuristic task of speaking orders and instructions into their digital wristwatch which then records the voice memos as reminders to be used at a later date. Again the smaller screen size and limited interface are perfectly catered to by this well-designed and perfectly thought-out app.

3. Spy_Watch

Also fitting tightly in with our expectations of technology allowing us to act like we’re in The Matrix is the smartwatch gaming app Spy_Watch. This fun game allows you to play the role of a boss to a ‘spy’ who’s out in the field performing a variety of undercover activities under your expert guidance. The game follows a choose-your-own-adventure format, and with the spy routinely contacting you with updates on his mission via your watch, it makes for a slightly unnerving but highly entertaining game of make believe.

4. Runkeeper

Back in the real world, the Runkeeper app does all that activity trackers do in terms of recording your personal fitness, but from the convenience of your smartwatch. This app records all of your activity in terms of steps taken, distance, pace, as well as offering handy information regarding the amount of calories you’ve burned.