Online Helpdesk Software

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Usually small businesses rely on email to keep track of their customer help desk functions, instead of using a dedicated help desk ticket tracking system. Help desk software is far more easier and simpler than tracking emails.

Though you may find email tracking as fast process but ticket tracking actually does many things that they couldn’t do with email. If help desk software is implemented correctly, it can streamline the support process, leading to lower issue resolution times and increased customer satisfaction, which in turn boosts customer retention. Here are few

Top 10 Advantages of Online Helpdesk Software are-

  •  Online help desk software allows support agents to have access to entire central knowledge base containing all of the company’s product and customer information.
  •  With the help of relevant keywords and phrases support agents can answer quick questions. It helps you to search within created knowledge base including web based articles and previous support tickets.
  •  This software enables the client to seek answers to their questions without contacting the agent by just searching the knowledge base with the relevant      keywords and phrases.
  •  Tickets can easily be created by both customers and support representatives through the help desk ticketing system.
  •  Every customer will be automatically prompted to fill in the required information while raising a support ticket.
  •  Online help desk software also ensures that all the emails should be routed through help desk first before reaching the agent. It helps you worry less and not marking it as spam.
  •  It has the ability to send automated response to clients as soon as a request is received. In this way clients get to know that his/ her request is in process
  •  It is helpful for support agents to create quick tickets during the customer call by using special features of online desk software search.
  • Agents can monitor their performance ratings and can also track their average response and resolution times.
  • Agents can easily track what the hottest support issues are, allowing them to create new knowledge base articles that target clients’ needs.


No matter, whether it is a small or a big organization, online help desk software is useful for everyone. It helps you to improve your performance and boost your productivity.

Many organizations rely on this online software to improve their support agent productivity and keep track during a support call or through an email, by giving them access to a centralized database of highly organized company and client information. Small organizations find it really helpful as it leads to regular cost savings by minimizing additional employees.