In today’s era of advanced technology, nothing is impossible. The concept of remote desktop has become a reality, where one can easily access practically anything including applications and software on another terminal via internet or other network. Such applications find great use since they can be used by the computer manufacturers for catering to the customer’s problems.

Following are some of the best remote desktop softwares:

1. Team Viewer

You can opt for any of the two versions of team viewer- free personal version or paid version whose cost can range from $749 to $2,690. However, one of the main issues of TeamViewer is that it is slow. Irrespective of the fact, it tops the list of remote desktop software as it is user-friendly and easy to use as well as best-suited for simple tasks such as editing.

2. Splashtop Remote Desktop

What sets this remote desktop software apart is the fact that it has a great screen refresh rate. It has the capability to stream audio and video. Hence, it is best suited, if you are looking for something that would fulfill your media needs. You can also stream to tablets and other mobile devices using this software and this is one of the most amazing features in this software. But installing TeamViewer is easier as compared to Splashtop Remote Desktop.

3. ShowMyPC

This provides tools and services for remote support. This software uses open source technologies and you can easily avail free and low-cost premium tools for remote PC access, screen sharing and other applications.

4. Mikogo

Mikogo is the best solution, if you are looking for a tool that can allow you to share your desktop with a number of participants while maintaining the quality. In fact, this is the perfect tool if you wish to go for applications such as online meetings, presentations and so much more. You can experience true color quality and in fact, there is no other remote desktop software better than this if you are searching for something economical that delivers a promising quality as well.

5. Radmin

Radmin stands for Remote Administration and is yet another software which offers you remote access to other system. Radmin is made of two modules- the server module and the client module. These modules have to be installed on both the controlled and controlling system.

6. Yuuguu

This application is quite similar to a chat client and you can add contacts by typing the corresponding email address. If a particular user is not using this software, then an invitation is sent to the particular email address. You can configure this software as per your requirements and create a connection.

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7. LogMeIn

This remote access software is used on a very large-scale and the best feature about this software is that it offers advanced configuration options for the sophisticated users. More importantly, it is fast and offers quality images.

8. Laplink Everywhere

The best feature of this software is that the controlled computer can be accessed easily not only by a computer, but also by a SmartPhone. There are no limitations and there is complete control over the remotely accessed system.

9. WebEx PCNow

This is also a renowned software as far as web conferencing is concerned. This remote access software is compatible with almost all the browsers and phones which have internet enabled in them and even Macs. Hence, this is also a good choice as far as remote desktop software is concerned.

10. Dimdim

Dimdim is a great remote desktop software that can be used for the purpose of web conferencing. Lots of tasks such as presentations, broadcasting and others can be performed using this tool. This software is capable of supporting a number of viewers and hence this can fit your business requirements.