With the transit of venus across the face of the sun over a period of six hours, we can proudly say that we live on a planet that is fragile and delicate too. At the same time, we found that the power of the fiery star if fully used, can make technological wonders and we can easily conserve fuel on the Earth.

Meanwhile we were moving ahead for the next week, we found some latest innovations from apple. Some rumors were already there that Facebook is coming up with a phone with a promising new camera and various other advanced features.

1. Facebook Phone Concept:

The rumor about Facebook phone was spread all across the world, it says that Facebook has created a beautifully designed phone that cannot be compared with the ones already available in the market. The rumors also revealed that this new handset looks a lot like a HTC One.

2. NASA Covers Venus Transit

A black spot was discovered on the sun last Tuesday, this was venus transit over the sun that lasted for 6 hours. This was the last time before 2117, and many astronomy enthusiasts captured the pictures of the sun.

3. Apple WWDC Leaks:

Worldwide Developers Conference stated about a new drive started by Apple. They have been decorating San Francisco center with banners for arrival of Ios6. Also, Apple launching 14 new models of Macbook with higher resolution retina displays.

4. Corning Willow Glass

A permanent solution for saving your smartphone from its screen breakage. The company took a step ahead by launching the willow glass, which is ultra thin and flexible enough to be bent from backwards.

5. Wish Came True

Many of us wish for something right from our childhood to avoid our mother saying ‘Make your bed’. We all wished a robot to come and make the bed automatically, OAGA, a Spanish furniture maker created an automated machine that can straighten up the sheets and pillows using a mechanical arm with two rollers in just 50 seconds.