On Thursday evening, Facebook has taken a step closer in an effort to dominate the web by launching its own App Center, a centralize place for over 600 Facebook-connected applications and this move shows their growing importance among the users and business owners across the world.

This App Center is a Facebooks’ answer to market dominating App marketplaces such as Google Play and Apple’s App store. This is the very first time that the social network has launched a centralized place that offers personalized apps recommendations based on every user’s interests and group of friends.

The launch of App Center by Facebook illustrates how much importance Facebook is giving on enhancing its user’s mobile experience. This App Center is easily accessible through its Android and iOS apps as well through Facebook’s website and includes both web apps and mobile apps in ten categories( music, entertainment, games and 7 more). Like Apple and Google, Facebook also has not included a dedicated “Facebook” category in its App Center.

Each Facebook user on the app center will see a unique storefront, by which users can select the apps of their own interest, apps having highest ratings and the apps most used by their friends. App center will feature only “high quality apps” based on the feedback from the people who uses the app.

Facebook said that its newly launched App center is a boon, and have not launched their App center with the intentions to rival any other app marketplaces. In a press release, the social network reveals that last month 83 million times Facebook sent users to the Apple App Store and 134 million times to iOS apps.

The Facebook App Center was made available in U.S. for its users on June 7 and will be made available to all users across the globe in the “coming weeks”.