It’s been an amazing week with lots of photogenic events to attend. Sharing of the photographs has not been so popular than this before. This twitter imagery of this week consists of interesting topics, humor, a variety of stunning pictures about people and events. This could not have been possible without the expert assistance from skylines, it’s custom algorithm separates wheat from the chaff at a very fast speed.

Have a look at the creme de la creme of twitter photography, showing detailed pictures about the subjects that dominated the worldwide conversation through tweets throughout this week.

1. Happy Mother’s Day

Sons and daughters gave an amazing start of this week by wishing them a very happy mothers day with a lot of surprises and gifts. Posting this picture of her mother at the age of 13: young actress Chloe Moretz (@chloegmoretz, 240,000+ followers, who played in Kick-Ass and Hugo and is now featured in Dark Shadows) along with the tweet “Happy Mother’s Day mama:) you even looked chic at 13 in 1971”

2. Manchester City Football Fans

May 13, Manchester city fans celebrating the team’s victory in the British Soccer Club, Manchester City. This was the first time they won their first English title, since 1968 with Sergio Aguero scoring high against the Queen Park Rangers. The picture was posted by MCFC (3,00,000+ followers), the official account of football team on twitter.

3. Diablo 3

Blizzard’s long-awaited game – Diablo 3 hit the street on 14th may. Thousands of people lines up get the game to defeat the new digital monsters. However, Blizzard experienced some severe server issues causing problems in the internet to go to #Diablo3 rage. This created memes and madly tweets posted by @JermzV.

4. Spectacular NYC Skies

NYC enthusiast @isardasorensen having 8,000+ followers updates new photos of different parts of the New York city. It is so kind of her that she shares the pictures with rest of the world regularly through her twitter account. Generally all of her photos are a hit on twitter, but this one with a tweet “today’s spectacular skies over =NYC” is just exceptional.

5. Words of Wisdom

This was a wise post with a quote by an Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde, tweeted by @gittayunanda having 17,000+ followers.

6. Dream Chair

This image got selected as a one of the most popular =9gagtweet of the week. The picture was tweeted with a caption saying “every student’s dream chair”. So students, do you find yourself studying on a chair like this?

7. Donna Summer

5-time Grammy-winning singer Donna Summer died at the age of 63, last Thursday. Thousands of fans tweeted her pictures to dedicate to the queen of Disco. And this picture was from a French singer @MelleAlizee (50,000+ followers) with a caption saying: “last dance,,, =donnasummer #rip”

8. Throwback Thursday

A weekly event – ThrowbackThursday is all about sharing nostalgic pictures and some memories with your followers. Last Thursday, hip-hop and R&B artist @teyanataylor having more than 5,00,000 followers shared some pictures displaying herself with popular singers Omarion and Chris Brown.

9. Exam Anxiety

Its exam time and students appear to be in the news this week. An image posted by @loesoetweets having more than 1,00,000 followers on twitter says: students is this true? Does this happen to you too??

10. Steamy Cup in the Sky

Sky is one of the most popular subjects for photography on twitter. The photographer @Miftahyf (400+ followers) captured this wild blue yonder in a creative yet original way.