Like any other website, Facebook is undergoing through makeovers to make it more user-friendly for millions of users. These makeovers have both faces, some good and some bad. Though a social networking website can never be same, it has to undergo some changes according to the user’s requirements, some for increasing their popularity and some for creating a better user-interface. We always want betterment in our lives, but we do not want changes. How is that possible, one has to face the changes to get better functionality and user-interface. Everybody hates new changes, but after some time they get used to it. “By changing nothing, nothing changes”,this is the basic funda of life. One has to accept the changes in a day or two, as they are for your betterment only. If we talk about Facebook changes, people generally hate them initially because they feel more comfortable with the old features, they were using every day in their daily routine.

People always hate the latest update made by any social networking website, as it takes some time for them to adopt new features. Timeline is one of the biggest changes hated by people, even today. Since the day, timeline introduced, many of us did not switch to the new look, we waited until the change became mandatory. One should adopt the changes as and when made, this would give them some time to be comfortable with the latest features.

Here we want to share some features that Facebook launched in recent times and are not liked by the users till date.

1. Timeline

We all tried to make the timeline feature fail on Facebook, but it succeeded in one of the most important aspects of social networking. That means it made easier for friends, employers and other people on the Facebook to follow you if we talk in social networking terms. The new profile page allows your friends to view all your status updates, comments, photo uploads and other updates from a specific month or year. One can tell his story, through the highlights. When timeline was launched, you got 7 days preview to add or hide what you want on your profile. One who is new to Facebook can have a look at new features by taking a quick tour on your timeline. One who is interested in using timeline feature can click on ‘get timeline’ available at ‘introducing timeline page’.

2. News Feed


This feature is quite old now, everybody is used to it. This feature allows you to sort your news with most recent and top stories first. One can enjoy big pictures with ease while scrolling down. One can get updates from photo tags, friend requests, upcoming events, etc. There is a subscribe button available on the top of a friend’s profile, here you can manage what kind of posts and stories you want to see on your profile. You can easily hide and unhide the stories appearing on your news feed.

3. Pokes

Poke acts as a mystery message, it depends on you in which sense you convey it. In general, poke means to say ‘hi’ or ‘Hello, I am missing you’. After which if you get a poke back, it means that you get a revert for what you have conveyed through a poke. Some take it as a messaging game while other get irritated with this feature.

4. Game Invitations

We all really don’t mind playing games over Facebook. But for those who do not play games find this feature really annoying. The game invitations are sent to the friends and other users. They get constant updates about the game. But we have a solution to this problem as well. One can change the notification settings to avoid individual emails and notifications.

5. Ticker

It is the real-time update system that gives you updates of every more your friend makes. Whether it is a like to a post, commenting on any picture or update. This feature can be creepy at times, as this is more like keeping a track on the other’s moves. The ticker can be shrinked if you do not feel like getting all the updates from your friends.

Obviously, there could be many more features that might be disliked by some people. we would say that the list would never end. The thing which we all should keep in mind is that our lives do not get better by chance, it gets better by change.