As they say, the entire world is getting smarter using the smart phones and it is high time you started as well. Starting from the very beginning of the day, when its just too hard and oppressive to get up, to watching your favorite show in the night before dozing off, your smart phone can help you with a lot of benefits.

Owning an Android phone is sure a pleasurable task. and it is immensely backed with a lot of apps and features, which you can smartly use to fine tune our life. Its seamless integration with the other Google products already provides you with various options like Gmail, Google Reader, Maps and calendar etc on your phone.

Other than the already available services, you can get hold of various other apps, that will contribute significantly in organizing your life in general. Read on to know more.

1. Google Music

If you are a music lover, you are just going to love this app. If you don’t like accessing Spotify or Pandora for streaming music, Google music is a great option to look forward to. It enables you to access your music library free of cost across mobile and desktop platform. Besides, you can also buy the albums or songs from the Android market.

What’s more, you can also share the songs with your friends on Google +.

2. Alarm Clock Plus

Waking up early in the morning is one of the most daunting task, generally speaking of course. If you have been troubled by the same, you can use this App to set various alarm, each with a distinct ringing tone of its own.

And if you are an expert in switching off the alarm while still being asleep, this app tackles the same effectively. Before turning off the alarm, it asks you to solve a little mathematical equation. This way it ensures that you are wide awake and aware before the alarm is switches off.

If you pay $.99 more, you get the app sans any sort of advertisements.

3. HopStop

Are you the one who is clumsy with the directions? Even if you are not, HopStop is a great tool and ensures that you reach your destination well on time. Its scope spans over the UK, US and Canada and you can ask for directions while traveling via public transit, being on foot, hiring a cab or biking across the city.And if you happens to be a health conscious person, this app will also tell you how much calories you burned, while commuting.

4. CardioTrainer

You can determine the difficulty level of your exercised and optimize the results with the help of CardioTrainer. Whether you need to map out a run, or perform the distance and time analysis, or feed in the weight loss goals, this app assists you in doing it all. The music library of phone is also in sync with the app, so you can listen to songs, while kicking of fthose extra pounds.

5. Yelp

You must consider using Yelp, if you are out on an unfamiliar place. It provides you with the best options and suggestion as to where to eat and dine etc. With the option of view finder, you also get to know what all restaurant are near by your location.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox helps you stay organize while always updating the collection of documents, photos and videos. It also allows you to access the files from web browsers and mobile devices. Thus, it provides you with secured option and even if your Android were to break down at some point in time, the data would still remain unscathed.

7. Pulse News

Pulse news allow you to catch up ion your favorite news sites and blogs. It provides you with a detailed array of information and makes it really easy for you to browse through the same. You can save the same for a later reading and can also save it across various platforms and sync with Instapaper, Read It late and Evernote.

8. TweetDeck

For all the social networking addicts, TweetDeck is the option to look forward to, as it combines the Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare and allows you to juggle with different accounts simultaneously.

9. Netflix

Are you the one with a haywire schedule. Do you have to constantly leave the movies and shows in between and really wish there was an option which would help you with the same? Well here is the solution that you were looking for – Netflix!

Netflix allows you to pick up on the show or the movie that you were watching, exactly from the point where you left it. But obviously you need to avail the paid subscription of Netflix, to exploit its benefits.

10. Evernote

Have to take notes steadily, while in a meeting? Have to prepare a grocery shopping list before going out to the store? Evernote is the product for you. This app makes it really easy for you to search the notes, capture photos and it also supports voice reminders.