The immense strides mobile devices have taken in recent years in terms of enhanced portability, power, and high-speed connectivity have revolutionized sports fandom: You can now indulge your obsessions 24-7 and virtually anywhere you find yourself. There are plenty of mobile apps on the market targeted toward sports fans, and many offer the same basic suite of features. Ultimately the choice comes down to your personal response to a given app’s interface and coverage.

1.ESPN ScoreCenter

This powerful free mobile app—available for the Android, the Windows Phone, and the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch—compresses the throbbing, high-octane ESPN sports data stream into the palm of your hand. ESPN ScoreCenter markets itself as a globally oriented resource: You can track everything from the NFL and the MLB to Formula One and the Premier League, not to mention many others. You’ll have a steady stream of up-to-the-minute sports news courtesy of the Lead, as well as live game results, statistics, and freshly minted video. It’s straightforward enough to customize your hub with the news, numbers, and other coverage on your favorite teams and leagues.

2. CBS Sports Mobile

Another robust, free offering, CBS Sports Mobile provides a clearinghouse for news, statistics, clips, and analysis on your favorite teams and players among the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL, as well as college athletics, golf, tennis, and NASCAR. With seasonal availability, CBS Sports Mobile transmits real-time video of college football and basketball. It also offers full fantasy-baseball capability, allowing you to manage and analyze your teams with an easy-to-use interface. CBS Sports Mobile is compatible with the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other other devices.

3. SportsTap

ScoreMobile’s SportsTap provides another option for following all the major sports leagues from around the world, from Brazilian soccer to IndyCar racing. Available for the iPhone or the Android, the app conglomerates and sorts the latest breaking stories, analysis, statistics, and fleshed-out scores with a customizable home-screen. It also provides fantasy-team management. The most powerful use comes with downloading the SportsTap app from the pertinent mobile-device warehouse, but you can also navigate over to the product’s web page ( to access many of its features.

4. At Bat

Major League Baseball’s lauded At Bat app is a complete resource for the rapid fan—offering total coverage and updates on each Club, an entire archive of video highlights searchable by team or player, and thorough roster, statistics, and schedules organized via a user-friendly interface. Available for a full suite of devices—the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, the Android, the Windows Phone, the Blackberry, and the HP webOS Tablet—At Bat gives you everything you need to follow the action on and off the diamond.

5. Just for Fun: “NBA Jam”

If your eyes are aching from scrutinizing game scores and player stats, give yourself a break—while still indulging in your passion—with a retro spin on the court with the “NBA Jam” app. Killing a little time with this classic game, rendered anew for the iPhone or iPad, can take you back to the arcades and joystick consoles of old.

Everyone will have their own preferences when it comes to mobile sports apps—a particular interface more conducive to your use, the relative capability of one app or another to highlight your favorite team or league, the extent of its fantasy resources. At its best, a mobile sports app keeps you fully engaged with the wild, woolly, endlessly exciting world of sports—which, as we know, tends to offer plenty to pour over year-round, in and out of regular seasons.

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