In the present era, Internet has emerged as one of the best marketing platforms because of its vast reach and low cost. Internet has given a whole new meaning to the concepts of marketing and promotion of products and services. Internet marketing is considered as the next big thing in the field of marketing and E-mail marketing is considered as one of the most used technique in Internet marketing. E-mail marketing is highly effective in attaining new prospects and customers, as sending e-mail is the most convenient and cheap method than other forms of communication.

Though e-mail marketing seems to be pretty easy concept, but carrying out such campaigns with expertise requires the assistance of software or application known as email marketing software.

These softwares are quite proficient and help in sending emails in bulk to your existing customers and prospects. You can also personalize the emails to target each of the recipient in different manner.

Email marketing softwares mainly consist of the database and the user interface. Database contains the entire information regarding the campaign like contact information, statistics on campaign performance and archive data. Whereas, interface provides you the platform to actually run the campaign such as sending messages, entering contacts and designing your emails. So here we are presenting you the best e-mail marketing software solutions to boost up your promotional activities: This software will run across all sites, but if you’re actually looking to get your online business started this site offers good information on cheap hosting companies

1. Email Marketing Pro

This software dominates the market in email marketing solutions and it’s the most popular software. Sending bulk mails and personalized email to your prospects is a matter of seconds with this software. You can also import the current customer list, automatically unsubscribe and handle bounce-back mail, authenticate your own SMTP server for free email marketing and personalize the email such as the first and the last name addressing.

2. 1 And 1 Mail

1 And 1 Mail, makes your email special as it comes with an email template downloader, with which you can impress your customers with a customized and professional email template. With this software you can download any web page and convert it into an email template. It is a multi-account manager and reduces the risk of spamming.

3. Aweber

Aweber is another email marketing software having many great features like website sign up forms, follow-up auto responders, email web analytics and top-notch email deliverability to customize your email promotions.

4. Send Blaster 2

It is a serious threat to all the email marketing solutions as it is a free email marketing software. It gave an opportunity to small businesses to compete with their big rivals. It is available with free templates and embedded editor and at the same time allows you to use an external HTML editor.

5. Campaigner

Campaigner is the perfect service for beginners or small business owners who don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on email marketing and for the experts looking for automation features to take them to the next level. Campaigner helps to create and send highly personalized one-to-one email communications to the subscribers and customers.

6. e-Campaign

e-Campaign is a campaign manager that allows to you design rich and personalized HTML emails and newsletters to market your business. With this software, you can customize the emails including the subject, message body, file attachments and even embed different images for different recipients in the same mailing list. This is a complete campaign runner and supports all the popular databases.

7. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor – a leading email newsletter software solution is specially designed for graphic and web designers, but it can also be used by naive users. With campaign monitor you will get complete creative control, design and spam testing, powerful reporting and many more functions.

8. Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender is a quite handy software as it offers an easy-to-use interface and it requires no special training. It also has several features like a built-in authentication support, SMTP server and multiple email formats. Along with these features Atomic Mail Sender supports Microsoft Word, DBF databases, CSV files, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and other file formats making it highly flexible.

9. World Cast

World Cast is well suited for start-up email campaigns as it is the most effective email marketing software available. It comes with an email address validator to verify the mailing list and reporting useful and non useful email addresses. In World Cast, you can create unlimited number of email lists.

10. Email Marketing Director

Email Marketing Director is a one stop solution for your email campaigns as it allows you to import previously created HTML and start your campaign instantly. The advance features in this software includes the ability to add anchors, post, hyperlinks, images and subscripts along with other formatting options.

To Conclude

If you want to target your prospects in a proper way and create an attractive and compelling campaign for your e-mail promotions, you can surely get great results from the above softwares. Though e-mail marketing seems like a cake walk for the naive person, but carrying out such campaigns with expertise is very easy with assistance of such email marketing softwares.