Amazon with its tablet announcement today made it pretty clear that its on an ugly war with Google and Apple and is sarcastically saying “War has just begun”. Amazon’s announcements included the release of a new Kindle Paperwhite,an updated Kindle Fire and the biggest announcement of all, new Kindle Fire HD.

If we walk into past, back in November 2011, Amazon was the first to make an arguable debate by putting its 7-inch Kindle Fire at a very low price of $199. If we go into detail, Amazon had a tough time back there, as it thought of letting Apple enjoy by ruling at the high-end market with the iPad and iPad 2 at $499 and $399, thinking that it would focus on the low-end market. But unfortunately, Google announced the Nexus 7″ tablet that too at $199 which was undoubtedly better and superior than the original Kindle Fire. Amazon then was not left with any other option other than making a choice: whether to continue the price war with Google, take the fight to Apple or fight against both Apple and Google. And now as we can see, Amazon chose the last option. Amazon then pulled up its socks and sold 5 million Kindle Fire last week and declared it ‘sold out’ and now it is wowing the world with its brand new Kindle Lineup.

Now we can clearly see that Amazon is totally ready for the war and is taking on Google for sure as Amazon is offering its three products at a price of : the original Fire model for $159, the 7″ Kindle Fire HD for $199, and the 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD for $299. This is not it, at the rumor of iPad mini, some are guessing it to be less than $499. Will Amazon still keep all its focus set on the low-end? With the announcement of 8.9”Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE at $499, it doesn’t seem so. This is not about the iPad mini or Nexus 7, it seems to be hitting directly at iPad. It is about to release two 8.9″ tablets, one for $299 and one for $499.

Do you remember the rumor about the release of Amazon’s two 7″ tablets?? oh yeah, those were just baits that were set on purpose to make this announcement even more surprising. Amazon seems to be thrashing Google and Apple, with all the Kindle Lineups. Beating up one company and wining the war is different but defeating two companies at the same time is something BIG!