There are many businesses who wants to create their business applications or web application for their business by using ASP.NET. Therefore, businesses look and search for either a dedicated ASP.NET developer or enquire development companies which deal with ASP.NET development.

Before hiring any offshore ASP.NET developer or development company, businesses should gather their needs and requirements properly. Thereby, they should search for various development companies and hire ASP.NET developers who can create their business applications.

The hiring of ASP.NET developers by businesses should be based on parameters like feedbacks, history of previous ASP.NET development projects and star ratings of development companies or developers.

In this blog, we will talk about top 10 APS.NET development companies in the world to hire ASP.NET developers.

Here is the list of top 10 ASP.NET development companies:

1. Iflexion

Location: United States

Year Founded: 1999

Employees: 300-400

Iflexion was founded in the year 1999 and is known for delivering excellent quality software services to its clients and businesses.

Iflexion has been known for using proven methodologies, technology and develops projects based on the business domain requirements. Moreover, Iflexion has over 400+ expert developers with high knowledge in the field of development.

Iflexion has over 500+ clients from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.In addition, they have clients and partners in more than 30+ countries. Iflexion famous clients are Adidas, Xerox, PayPal, and Toyota.

2. ValueCoders


Location: India

Year Founded: 2004

Employees: 400-450

ValueCoders was founded in the year 2004 and has been delivering IT outsourcing worldwide. ValueCoders has more than 1500+ happy and satisfied clients with 96% customer retention rate. Moreover, they are an ISO and CMMI level 3 certified company. ValueCoders have 450+ professionally skilled software experts who provides great quality solutions to add value to other businesses. In addition, they are business for around 13 years.

3. PixelCrayons


Location: India

Year Founded: 2004

Employees: 250-350

They have a rating of 99% delivery on time, 70% CAGR and has 97% customer satisfaction rating. Moreover, they have proven their mettle in the industry.

PixelCrayons was founded in the year 2004. It has more than 4800+ clients and businesses from more than 38+ countries around the world. In addition, they have a great expert development team who knows about requirements and needs of their clients and businesses. Moreover, they are known for providing services to digital agencies, startups and small scale businesses. In addition, they have certified ISO and CMMI level 3 company. PixelCrayons famous clients are Vodafone, CitiGroup and Qatar Airways.

4. Clavax Technologies

Location: United States

Year Founded: 2011

Employees: 200-250

Clavax Technologies was founded in the year 2011 and is known for delivering cutting-edge applications to its clients and businesses. Clavax Technologies uses cutting-edge technology solutions for various business domain knowledge and has more than 160+ clients. Moreover, it has delivered 500+ projects successfully. Clavax Technologies famous clients are HoneyWell, Jabil and Aurora.

5. Itransition  

Location: United States

Year Founded: 1998

Employees: 1200-1300

Itransition was founded in the year 1998 and is known for providing amazing IT solutions to their clients and businesses. Itransition provides a well-balanced blend of technological skills, domain knowledge, and hands on a particular technology which is to be used for the development. Moreover, they are known for providing effective and reliable solutions for ASP.NET development. In addition, they have more than 1000+ clients which are spread in more than 30+ countries around the globe.

Itransition major clients are Shell, Expedia, KPMG, and Ebay.

6. Espeo Software

Location: Poland

Year Founded: 2008

Employees: Freelancer

Espeo Software was founded in the year 2008 and are known for their development in ASP.NET technology for its clients and businesses.  Espeo Software has more than 300+ clients and businesses across the whole Europe. Espeo Software major clients are Crowd Valley and Bay Angels.

The main drawback of Espeo Software is that it does not have a global footprint other than European countries.

7. SteelKiwi

Location: Ukraine

Year Founded: 2011

Employees: 40-50

SteelKiwi was founded in the year 2011 as a web development company with the initial focus on ASP.NET and Python. They are known delivering projects to their clients on time.

SteelKiwi has more than 50 full-time employees who constantly work on the company’s project.  They also deliver ASP.NET projects to clients from other countries. Moreover, they provide dedicated ASP.NET developer as well.

8. Hudson Integrated

Location: United States

Year Founded: 2003

Employees: 400-500

Hudson Integrated was found in the year 2003 and is known for creating an excellent ASP.NET application for its clients and businesses.

Hudson Integrated has more than 500+ projects delivered in more than 20+ countries around the globe. It provides ideal solutions to clients and businesses in technological terms. Hudson Integrated famous clients are Gizmotron and Wiss.

9. MobileUp

Location: Russia

Year Founded: 2009

Employees: 40-50

Since its inception in the year,  2009 MobileUp provides the great leading technological solutions related to the ASP.NET development.

They more than 150+ projects delivered on time and are ranked in the top-10 IT companies in Russia. In addition,  they provide perfect solutions to their client for getting the best product by understanding the domain requirements of their clients.

MobileUp famous clients are MobileUp are MasterCard, Ubisoft and MTC.

10. Anadea

Location: Spain

Year Founded: 2000

Employees: 100-200

Anadea inc. was founded in the year 2000 and has now grown into an international software development company which provides amazing quality software to its clients and businesses.

Anadea inc. has a staff of over 100 IT experts with dedicated ASP.NET developers as well. They have clients and businesses across Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

They have a record of completing 200 projects in one full year with a team 10 expert developers.