Undoubtedly, android have captured a largest portion of app market and people are giving their preference to applications that are developed for android platform because android is one of the most common platforms for devices these days.

When you will visit Google store for android apps, you would be able to find huge variety of free and paid applications that can be used for various purposes. Some applications can help you to enhance the functionality of your smartphones or devices as well.

For example, if you have android wear smart watch then you will get basic built in feature of the watch in it. However, you can always enhance the functionality of your watch with the help of various applications such as tracking applications, pairing applications and many others. Choices are limitless.

In fact, now that the android tv box is available, applications can be used for the enhancement of tv box feature as well. There are some integrated privileges that the user gets from the very beginning of tv box purchase and then there are some additional hidden features that can be discovered with the apps.

10 Hidden Tricks for Android

1. Data Usage Control: When you are using mobile data without proper monitoring then it can be really very expensive for you. There is an efficient tool (fine tuning auto-sync) that will help you to keep your data usage in control. This will work when you are away from free Wi-Fi hotspot.

2. Battery Life Improvement: Most of the feature packed smart phones drains the battery very quickly. You can select battery saver mode that can be found in the battery menu which will decrease the battery draining speed and extend your battery life.

3. Expand Storage: When you have less storage in your device then you can choose Google Drive which will give you free cloud storage of 15 GB so that you can keep your important files and documents on cloud storage server without worrying about space on your device.

4. Mobile Speed: When you use a smart phone for some time then it is quite common that you will feel the lack of performance and speed of your smart phone will be reduced to a certain level. To speed up your smart phone, you should turn off some apps that are not being used via Application Manager.

5. Google Now: Google Now can become your personal assistant and it will give you necessary time to time reminder of your appointments. You can easily set notifications and updates for travel or weather with this application and every single update will be at your disposal.

6. Guest Mode: If you want to make sure that your personal data is hidden and safe from anyone who uses your device then you should use Guest Mode which will hide your personal files or documents pretty efficiently so that you can keep even confidential data in your device.

7. Voice Prompt: Android can offer you all kinds of actions with voice assistance feature. You need to set up Voice – Google Detection in the setting menu and then your smart phone will take understand your voice commands and you would be able to do everything without using hands.

8. Easy Contact Search: Usually, we search the contact number in the contact list manually. However, the easiest way to find the contact is to type name of your contact in a contact search bar and it will show the most accurate or similar result.

9. Limit Distractions: There is a Priority Mode in Android which will allow you to limit the distracting notifications in your device. It is very helpful when you are doing important work that needs distraction free concentration.

10.Widgets: There are several widgets available that can add more functionality to your android device. Widgets can save your battery life, Widgets can take care of appointments or to-do-task and Widgets can help you manage your device so that you don’t need to tap the screen constantly.