Are you much petrified about maintaining and keeping a track on the daily time schedules & expenses of your employees? Well now, with this time tracking app, you need not worry about the same anymore. It does it all for you! We have personally used this app, and found it to be extremely handy. This app, offers a vibrant interface, and offers a lot of ease to furnish and maintain your daily Human Resource related documents.

Well now, with this time tracking application, your worries are over. The software service keeps your time and expenses organized and accurate! We have personally used this app, and found it to be extremely handy. This time tracking app offers a vibrant interface, and several primary features that any business would find handy, like hourly time tracking, project time tracking, expense tracking, and Human Resource document tracking.

About Timesheets

Owned by, offers a cloud based timesheet service. This comprehensive app is best for small to medium sized corporations, having between 2 to 200 employees. The service is easy to use and helps keep employee management smooth and documented.

Further, as this time tracking app offers biometric & photo ID options to employees, this app acts like a virtual HR Assistant. Once an employee signs in using this app, the time, attendance, and other salary related expenses get calculated automatically. Moreover, as this app offers biometric options, it allows you to track the real-time data of employees.


This time tracking app offers IP address lockdown for employees that should only be clocking in from one location and it also offers a photo security option to ensure that only the authorized employee clocks in under his/her own account. This app acts like a virtual HR Assistant. Once an employee signs in, the time on the clock gets calculated automatically, in real-time so employers can always see who is on time and who is tardy. You can run reports to see trends too in things like tardy frequency, the amount of overtime over a given period, and which projects bill and pay the most.

Usage & Aesthetic Appearance

This app has a clean look. As a user, if you are installing this app, setup is user friendly and quick. Once inside, the home page shows all of your employees and their amount of accumulated expenses in real-time. The menus on the side are clear and easy to navigate.

Some of the Best Features Offered by This App are-

Hourly Time Tracking for Accountability and Payroll Purposes 

Payroll is made easy by having employees clock in and out. You don’t have to add up time cards anymore and payroll mistakes will be a thing of the past. Time is entered either in real-time with the clock in/out buttons or, if the manager allows, it may be entered manually. Reports can be run anytime, from anywhere.

Project Time Tracking

Project Time Tracking For Small Business

If you are a manager, managing your own team, then this option can help you to track the actual time that has been spent by your team on projects, so that they can be billed and paid accurately. There are three entry methods, making it just right for any user.

Mileage Tracking or Tracking Disciplinary Actions

With expense sheets, employees can track business expenses such as mileage and employee incurred expenses. Expenses can be entered in a snap and receipts can be easily uploaded and stored. When the manager is ready to pay, expenses are marked as reconciled and customizable reports can be quickly run for any date range and for any combination of employees, customers, projects, and vendors.

Recommended For

This app is a boon for small and medium sized corporations & businesses, as it simplifies the payroll and billing processes.

Moreover, being a robust and user-friendly application, it can be operated easily without putting much time into it.

So, if you are a startup firm, or a small sized organization, try out this app, and see the difference it can make your payroll and billing expenses!


This time tracking app is a ‘utility’ in the truest sense. Also, being extremely economical, this app offers itself as one of the most cost-effective tools for managing daily HR activities.