Apple is at present getting ready to unveil iOS 7, the newest version of its mobile OS, which unwraps to the public on September 18 but in the intervening time it has made a remarkable change after permitting devices running older versions of iOS to download applications that are backwards companionable.

For example, if a user running iOS 5 can now for the very first time download an application that provisions that version of iOS, even if the newest version of the application is equipped for iOS 7. This step, which was emphasized on Reddit, is a noteworthy one as it will offer those who have not moved up their iPad, iPhone or iPod to the newest versions of iOS access to a lot more applications.

Here, from Reddit, is an image that significance to display an elder version of iOS being presented a download of an application that is backwards companionable with iOS 5.0

Contrasting Google, which has a great deal of users working with dissimilar sorts of Android, disintegration is less of a concern for Apple. The company publicized in June that it had vended over 600 million iOS devices till date, of which a remarkable 90 percent run the latest version of iOS.

The approval of a fresh iOS version is generally remarkable. Certainly, back in September 2012, Apple exposed that over 100 million devices had moved to iOS 6 inside one week of its unveiling — that figured had doubled over to 200 million in October 2012.

Though it may be less uneven than Android, some businesses do have a heritage version of their applications for older devices. Spotify is one such example, providing an iOS 4 version of its music streaming player, in accumulation to the leading version.

Today’s news is a bonus for application developers as their applications will be accessible to older devices and those that are jail broken on older versions of iOS — deprived of them requiring to lift a limb.