Are you having a hard time in converting PSD to HTML? It is a common problem among many people who design a site in Photoshop and face a huge hurdle in converting it into a web compatible format. To start with coding in HTML and CSS isn’t as easy as it seems. Unless you have sound knowledge of HTML and CSS you won’t be able to create a pixel perfect site that is high on functionality. Patchy coding work will only lead to a website that is full of bugs and errors. Thankfully there are a number of firms that offer you PSD to HTML conversion service. They can save your precious time and also offer you a robust website.

Among all these service providers The Site Slinger is one web development company that definitely stands out for the quality and professionalism. This firm has a team of talented developers in Austin, Texas with expertise in different domains of web development. What makes them special is the fact that apart from PSD to HTML, they also offer other services such as PSD to Responsive, PSD to WordPress, PSD to Bootstrap and PSD to Email template conversion. They are very prompt with their delivery and can deliver you a project at a day’s notice allowing you to meet a strict deadline. All this is done without compromising on the quality of the website.

Services Offered By The Site Slinger


PSD to HTML counts among the most popular service that the company offers. Their talented teams of developers convert your PSD files into HTML code in a pixel perfect manner. They make use of the standard practices in HTML and CSS coding offering websites which are search engine friendly and cross browser compatible. The sites are hand-coded to ensure they are light and W3C validated. All code is written in HTML5 with external CSS style sheets using the latest web standards. Along with HTML and CSS, they also incorporate jQuery animations to make the website visually attractive and interactive as well.

PSD TO Bootstrap Service

In this, developers convert PSD files to Twitter Bootstrap HTML and offer you a pixel-perfect Bootstrap HTML and CSS code. Twitter Bootstrap is considered to be a brilliant framework to build apps that are easy to maintain and have robust functionality such as hover states, dropdowns, tooltips, sliders, lightboxes, modal popups and form validations. Once the conversion is done, they code the Bootstrap jQuery for your project and also support all of the Bootstrap jQuery plugins that are required for your PSD to Bootstrap development.

PSD TO WordPress Service

There is a great demand for websites that are powered by WordPress. This open source content management system gives you complete control over the website without having to know anything about coding. The Site Slinger offers you PSD to WordPress conversion services where your PSD files are converted in HTML and CSS and integrated into the WordPress admin. This ensures you have a unique WordPress site and draw more mileage compared to using a template. All the directories and sub-directories are created in the process. This gives you the power to post content on your website using a WYSIWYG editor without worrying about coding.

Order Process

The Site Slinger makes the order process extremely easy and intuitive. To place an order you will need to upload your PSD file using their quote page and fill out a simple form. Apart from PSD file, you can also upload designs that have been created in Illustrator, Fireworks or InDesign.

After the files are upload into their website, a professional web designer would review the files and see if anything is missing and get back to you within two hours. The review comes free of cost and if you are satisfied with the feedback you can make the payment based on the delivery plan. They have three delivery plans – Fast, Faster, and Tomorrow that take 5 days, 3 days and 1 day to deliver. The price works out to $169, $199 and $289 per pay for the three delivery plans respectively. The per page pricing plan offers you complete value for money as you pay only for what your order.

Examples of Their Work

Check out four of their favorite projects below:





3. WPEngine User Portal

4. Capital Factory


If you are looking for an online service to convert PSD into HTML, The Site Slinger is one of your best options. Along with this it also offers you PSD to WordPress and PSD to Bootstrap. You can pick up Photoshop or any other design tool and design the website as you want it to be and get it converted into a web compatible format by a team of professional developers. They are surely one of the most recommended services available in the market.