When job hunting in an employer’s market, you may be feeling the pressure to apply to many jobs in order to get any job at all. While this may seem hard to do if you have an existing job or a busy schedule, there are technological advancements that can help, and one of those is an Android phone. There are several ways your phone can assist you in landing your next job quickly if you know how to use it properly.

Bypassing Tracking Systems

One mistake people make when applying for a job is to assume an actual person is reviewing their resume. This is not true, and companies both large and small now use recruiting software to read through resumes of potential employees. This software searches your resume for keywords related to the job for which you’re applying, and if your resume doesn’t have those keywords, it will never make it to an actual person. This software can even be used on Android and other smartphones, but your phone can help you bypass them by sending resumes directly to the phones of hiring managers via their phones. Basically, if your resume goes right into their inbox and they check it on a phone that doesn’t have the software, it will be read by a person and not a computer. You should, however, always apply for jobs like you’re applying to a computer, and add in the terms most often used in your field. For instance, if you are applying for a position at a cellphone store, you will want to list your training in Android systems, iOS, sales, and customer service. All of these could be keywords picked up by the software.


Resume Writing Applications

There are many applications out there available for Android phones, and several can help you with writing a resume and getting it done correctly. Daily Writing Tips, an online website dedicated to helping people be better writers, says that the biggest mistake people make with their resumes is not spell-checking it. Resume writing applications will help you spell-check your resume before you even turn it in so you know that everything is correct. Second, check the length of your resume to make sure you aren’t being passed up simply because a hiring manager doesn’t want to take the time to read through every little detail of your employment history. A resume writing application, or an eBook you can read on your phone, will help you know just what you need to put in your resume to make sure your resume isn’t too long to read. A good rule to follow when writing a resume is to decide if you’d like to read this resume on your Android smartphone or tablet, which you can be sure many people do. If the answer is “no” because it’s too long, you should shorten it.

Staying Connected

One of the best ways Android phones can help you is by keeping you connected at all times. You can get calls, instant alerts, and emails right on your phone should a hiring manager want to call you. Getting back promptly can mean the difference in getting a job and not getting one.

Finding a job can be a daunting process, but technology like Android phones can make it much easier. Stay connected at all times, use it to write and submit your resume, and bypass pesky tracking systems to get your resume noticed.