On September 12th at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Cupertino Calif., campus, was launched the new Apple iPhone8 amidst much hype and speculation. Considered to be a massive improvement over older models of iPhones, we present below some of its leading features and functionalities.

Few hallmark features and functionalities of iPhone8

  • The phone is available in three colors of silver, space gray, and a brand new gold shade.
  • The Smartphone flaunts a reinforced steel and aluminum structure that is IP67 water and dust resistant along with the most durable glass ever seen on any Smartphone. The glass back not only makes holding phone more comfortable and less slippery but also boasts of a brand new feature, e., Qi-based inductive wireless charging.
  • Its stereo speaker now has a 25 percent louder volume and a much deeper
  • The phone’s 4.7-inch display has been upgraded with True Tone support which facilitates easy adaptation of color, intensity, and temperature to the ambient lights of ay space. The consequence is a more natural viewing experience.
  • According to Apple, the phone’s all-new six-core A11 Bionic chip which is the smartest and most powerful chip on any phone to date.
  • The two performance cores are 25 percent faster than the previous model while it’s four efficiency cores are 70 percent faster.
  • A new second generation performance controller harnesses all the six cores at one go to give you an impressive speed even when handling multi-threaded workloads.
  • The GPU of the machine is also new and about 30 percent faster than the old version while the Neutral engine of the phone enables machine learning tasks faster than ever.
  • Armed with better sensors, the all new improved cameras of the phone facilitate 83 percent of more light inside. A new image signal processor and new pixel processing techniques give you a much better and sharper picture, even in low light.
  • The unit boasts of a hardware-enabled multi-band noise reduction, deeper pixels as well as a new color filter to show enhanced performance and output in each of the aspects.
  • Like all iPhones, this model also has a dual-lens camera along with optical image stabilization and wide-angle lens. However, it has been updated with new Portrait Lighting effect to produce images imitating studio lighting techniques.
  • The combination of the new image signal processor as well as the new Apple-designed video encoder, the video capture on the phone is faster and better than ever.

Readily available in stores and online sites, iPhone 8 is a phone to experience.