An exceptionally significant tool for college goers and creative professionals, the laptops developed by Apple has continually dominated the way a consumer approaches productivity. A favorite of everyone, MacBook has turned 26 in late 2017, even though there have been diverse naming conventions as well as models innovated throughout the years.

In the following write-up, let us explore the remarkable transformation of Apple’s laptops and the varied kinds of groundbreaking changes every generation has managed to bring. Readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

  • PowerBook 100 was released in the year 1991 and it is noted for having a trackball, set-back keyboard, an integrated palm rest. Although criticized for not having an FDD or ‘floppy disk drive’, the device did become incredibly popular.


  • In the year 1994, PowerBook 500 was released by Apple and attracted a larger segment of the population. The device had a trackball, in-built Ethernet, microphone, stereo speakers, independent CPU, and a black & white display of 9.5 inches.


  • The most customizable laptop developed by Apple is PowerBook G3. Released in the year 1994, the device was extremely fast and had inbuilt video output, swappable bays for storing multiple items, removable hard disk, flip-up keyboard, and lithium-ion batteries.


  • iBook G3 was released in the year 1999 and was quite alluring for it had a polycarbonate shell in translucent colors. Wireless networking, excellent battery backup, and a built-in processor made this device quite popular among the masses.


  • PowerBook Titanium G4 was released by Apple in the year 2001 and was specifically noted for having a wide matrix display and a slot-loading drive for DVDs. It had quite effectually replaced all the notebook systems available in the market at that time.


  • With the illuminated keyboard, the processor of Intel Core Duo, aluminum enclosure, and a distinct power adaptor, Apple’s MacBook Pro launched in 2006 had certainly created a buzz all around the world. In the same year, after a few months, Apple also launched MacBook with a brand-new design and a glossy display.


  • MacBook Air is perhaps the thinnest laptop introduced by Apple in the year 2008. With a LED display of 13 inches, removable Super drive, backlit keyboard, inbuilt video camera, and multitouch trackpad, this device has allowed Apple to touch unimaginable heights of success.


  • Apple refreshed the entire range of MacBooks in the year 2008. It introduced a device under the name of ‘MacBook’ and integrated it with features like the multitouch trackpad and aluminum unibody. Owing to no production of toxic chemicals, this new MacBook is considered environment friendly as well as energy efficient.


  • MacBook Pro introduced in 2011 was noted for having an exceptionally chic design. Retina display of high-definition, enhanced speakers, flash storage, and optical super drive had made this device a must-buy or contemporary consumers.


  • Apple introduced the lightest and thinnest Mac ever in 2015. With an exceptionally attractive keyboard having butterfly mechanism and improved power efficiency, the device did win hearts of millions of people throughout the world.


  • Apple released two ranges of MacBook Pro in late 2016 and 2017 with new features integrated each time. Both the devices have a flexible design, light touch bar, improved display, faster storage options, and amazing GPUs.

Now that all my readers are aware of the amazing evolution of MacBooks, I am sure they did understand the reasons behind the incredible popularity of these devices. If you have made up your mind to make a purchase, make sure to buy a USB-C along with it. Do you want to know where you can procure USB-C for Macbooks? Well, feel free to rely on the varied online outlets that offer high-quality and authentic Apple accessories at an affordable price.