Over the past few years You Tube marketing has gained a lot of traction and is increasingly playing a pivotal role in driving sales and improving the bottom line of many tech savvy organizations. Irrespective of these positive developments there are still numerous misconceptions being bandied around You Tube marketing in certain spheres. Some of these include;

The Target Market is older so You Tube Marketing won’t work.

This is a fallacy. Research has shown that over 60% of internet users who are 40 years and above frequently make YouTube views. It is also worth noting that there is a middle age generation that is ageing which has used the internet all through its adult life. What this means is that they are generally more receptive to online marketing and advertising and are thus a viable target market for this type of marketing campaign.

If the campaign doesn’t go viral, then that is money down the drain

When many marketers and people in general think about successful You Tube marketing campaigns they always think about the huge success stories that went viral and generated millions of you Tube views; anything that falls short of such success is deemed to have failed. But this is usually beside the point; this campaign is not only about how to get You Tube views instantly, it has to be about adding value over a period of time. It is usually about engaging your target market and getting them comfortable with your product to the point where they can share it with their friends, families, colleagues etc.

You Tube Marketing only works for big brands, movies and music companies

It is true that this marketing campaign has been quite successful in the music and movie industries, it is also a fact that big brands have been able to leverage on their large client base to effectively utilize this kind of marketing campaign. But the truth is that, small companies that have been savvy enough have also used the global nature and relatively inexpensive marketing strategies to engage and win over clients on a scale and at a speed they would never have imagined if they were to use conventional advertising mediums.

You Tube marketing drives views but not customers

There was a period when very many companies jumped onto the You Tube marketing bandwagon; extolling its virtues of offering graphic details and geo-targeting capabilities. A lot of money was spent in trying to get as many views as possible without getting to intimately know the client; identify likes and dislikes and provide offers that are in tandem with client requirements.

Many companies thus burnt their fingers. But if correctly planned, well targeted and accurately deployed, this marketing campaign can greatly improve and increase the online footprint of an organization and win over customers across the board. It should not just be based on how to get You Tube views.

The more You Tube videos you have out there, the better your campaign will perform

This may be true in certain instances; but it is not always the case. Posting too many videos out there can negatively affect the number and quality of views. For the campaign to be successful concentrate more on the quality and content of your clip. Ensure it is interesting, unique and quite engaging. It should not only be tagged on quantity of videos.

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