Microsoft Windows chief Julie Larson-Green speaking at the Wired Business conference confirmed that the company will transport a developer’s release of Windows 8.1 code-named “Windows Blue” at the end of June and the final update to Windows 8.1 will be made available for the users at the end of this year and also revealed that the company has sold 100 million licenses of Windows 8 till date which include OEM licenses and upgrade licenses.

Microsoft has faced a criticism for its tiled interface in Windows 8, with many users quoting the unavailability of Start Button as one of the key reasons of low acceptance of Windows 8.  Microsoft will be hosting a conference next month called Build that will better reveal about the Windows 8.1 update.

The timing of the release of Windows Blue with its build is not surprising at all and it would have been an odd step taken by the company as the company has not released the code at the conference, so what’s the use of bringing the developers together at the event if you won’t permit them to touch?

Tami Reller, CFO of Windows few days back announced that the company is planning to make few changes in Windows 8.1 in reaction to the Windows 8 users and after the discussion on the request for a Start button in Windows 8, Reller stated that “We’ve really also tried to understand what people are really asking for when they’re asking for that.”

Reller said, “Windows Blue is a code-name for an update that will be available later this year, building on the bold vision set forward with Windows 8 to deliver the next generation of tablets and PCs. It will deliver the latest new innovations across an increasingly broad array of form factors of all sizes, display, battery life and performance, while creating new opportunities for our ecosystem.”

Recently leaked information about Windows Blue disclosed the number of changes which includes greater customization of colors and themes and enhanced Start screen. Also, more options will be available in the settings of Metro UI style side of Windows 8.1.

Although, given that Software Giant will release some important updates to Windows 8 this year, suggests that the company has now realized ignoring its users features requests and criticisms would not basically work for them.