An “activity tracker” or “fitness tracker” is basically a new technology device for measuring the fitness of your body and help improving your health status. For example how much calories you consumed during a night walk or how much is your heart rate during the workout. The fitness bands do all the great measurement for you and sync it with your Smartphone in no time.

The wearable technology is continuing to grow with full speed over the years. It is possible now for the customers to use everything they need from home; bring your own device, and even exercise. The wearable technology consists of wrist bands which are becoming very beneficial at home or in the workplace. Tracking your fitness with a fitness band has become a great trend with the advancement of this super technology.

The popularity of the fitness bands can be guessed by the fact that alone in United States; one out of ten adults now owns a fitness tracker. There is a 40% chance of increase in the profits of wearable technology industry in the next five years. These small sized wearable technologies are becoming an alternative for replacing the need of a tablet or even a cell phone.

Medical science is widely benefiting from the fitness sensors. Body temperature and heart rate of a patient can be easily measured to an accurate extent. Smartphone companies are working hard to jump in the wearable world. These devices can easily connect directly with smartphones, cars, or even healthcare monitors. This improves the health and fitness issues in the society at large.

A new wave of wristbands is introduced in 2015. Let’s take a look at the best smart bands of 2015.

Jawbone UP3

Jawbone is a wearable manufacturing company situated in America, San Francisco. It was found in 1999; more than a decade has passed since it started working. Jawbone offers lots of fitness products worldwide.

The Jawbone UP3 is a wearable wristband built on the high tech sensors technology. The sensors are built into it to track to track the health of an individual on the road or travelling outside. The sensor contains a special heart sensor that is able to measure your heart rate at the time of working, playing or even while sleeping. The advantage is that it can easily sync the reading of data into your cell phone The Jawbone has a powerful battery life of one week.


A heart sensor is just the beginning; Jawbone UP3 contains an activity tracker that allows it to recognize your activities throughout the day. No matter whether you are on the bike, or on your legs, it records the data and syncs it with your cell phone.

The details of calories burnt during a workout can be easily found out. It also helps you to improve your workout strength according to the doctor’s advice.

The Jawbone UP3 has also a Bluetooth. The UP3 has continuous updates available; you can update it regularly and feel free to use the apps of health information to stay more fit and healthy.

The Jawbone UP3 does not have a LED display. Some users might find it difficult to view their fitness data. It is available with the price of $179.99. The other useful products of Jawbone company are UP, UP24, UPmove and UP For Groups.

Lenovo Vibe Band VB10

The Lenovo Vibe Band VB10 is another powerful wearable that comes with multiple features to keep users more connected with healthier lifestyle.   It comes with an E Ink display. The battery life is no less than seven days which is really superb. Vibe Band also has a Bluetooth feature that is never out of action. If you need a fitness tracker through which you can make your workout a complete success, the Lenovo Vibe VB10 is just the choice for you.


The Vibe Band VB10 provides 150 character notifications. The notifications include text messages, Facebook, and Twitter notifications. The super fitness tracking monitor is always there to make sure that the users can track their fitness metrics and achieve health goals easily.

The Vibe Band VB10 is water resistant. The rain puts no affect on the performance of it. It can function well in any weather. The band can work with any iOS or Android device. It also has a downloadable Nabu utility app for saving fitness data, calendar notifications, and call settings. It has a 230 pixel-per-inch display that shows up to 150 characters. The heart rate sensor is yet to be added in it. The price is low as compared to other bands available nowadays. You can buy it at a cost of $89.99.

Pivotal Tracker 1

The Pivotal Tracker 1 is a wearable health and wellness tracking band that can be very beneficial in staying healthy and tracking fitness data of your body. It can be worn all the time; day and night. 

It uses sensor technology to track daily activities. It tracks your fitness related issues and make sure that your daily or weekly health goals are fulfilled. It can measure your exercise ability and quality of sleep as well.


The Tracker 1’s sensor is a brilliant technology. It is able to track the steps walked, calories burned, and exercise programs to keep you updated with your fitness goals. If you want to be able to know how much water you drank during the day, it is possible with this Tracker 1 technology. For reminding you your daily or weekly fitness goals, you have to simply put them into the tracker and it will help you keep track of them all the time.

The price factor of the tracker amazes many although. The band costs just you $12 through a yearlong membership offer.  The only bad thing is that the band has an average lifespan of mere five days. After that it needs a definite recharge. This can be a problem for the users who don’t want to charge it before a weekend or at least after entire week usage.

Healbe GoBe

The Healbe GoBe is a wearable wristband. It comes with an automatic body manager built into it for free. It tracks your fitness by not one but three built in fitness sensors.

The exercise and workout is more beneficial with the use of Healbe GoBe wristband. The use of HealBe Flow technology to monitor heart rate is also a new revolutionary advancement in the healthcare. It provides you to measure your calorie intake and the calories burnt during the day.

The three sensors do a brilliant job for tracking not only heart rate but also the metabolic rate for each user. After measuring to accuracy, it gives constant updates to the user by doing synchronization of data with the connected Smartphone or cell phone. It also uses Bluetooth for synchronization of data. The exercise programs can be easily monitored by it. Your daily and weekly fitness goals are not hard to measure now with the arrival of this great wristband.


The GoBe has a black color with an oval shaped area that has all three sensors built in to it. It tracks the glucose level in the body which helps you find out the number of calories you have burnt during the entire day.

The swimming or raining has no affect on this super brilliant band. It is water proof and rain proof. There is a USB plug in it for charging the battery. The great thing is that GoBe automatically tracks and uploads the calorie intake data when you eat. This makes you know how many calories you have consumed as per your health goal.

The users who do not have a good memory for remembering their food intake will be much thankful to this lovely gadget. It costs $300 and it can be expensive for some budget-friendly users.

Withings Activite Pop

The Withings Activite Pop watch not only tells the time but also serves as a wristband.  It has the ability to track your sleep cycles and the accurate measurement of your fitness data on the go. The data is instantly synched with the connected device. It has magnificent number of apps for keeping track of your fitness and ensuring that you fulfilled your weekly or daily goals.


The Activite Pop is basically a watch. It has a superb battery life of 8 months. It even allows users to travel around the world and sync your data according to the time zones. It works with both iOS and Android OS.

Pop comes with great useful apps to help make sure that you can track your health and fitness on daily basis.  It allows you to track your exercise with calories burned. It also allows you to find out how many steps you have taken in a day and is able to monitor your sleep activity. The data can be synched easily and instantly with Bluetooth.

The Activite Pop band has a nice design and style for users who are looking to wear a fitness wristband anywhere. It suits the users at business and home both. The price available is $149.99 that is normal according to the specifications for a useful wristband.


The Gymwatch is a crowdfunded smart wristband and a health tracking technology. It first started sales in Germany. It can manage and track your workouts very well. It keeps track of your daily or weekly fitness goals efficiently. During the workout on an exercise machine, it can measure your strength very well. You can setup your own personal fitness goal and how to achieve them with the help of Gymwatch.


This wristband is equipped with nice apps. These apps enable you to start training as soon as you take it out of the box. It contains multiple workout templates inside, for planning your exercise routine each day. The personal coach feature inside it gives you smart advice on how you can improve your fitness and health. So this is not only a helper but also a teacher for your perfect fitness plans.

Gymwatch comes with two sensors that track your range of motion during workouts. It is able to tell how much strength is used in lifting weights etc and sync the data with your Smartphone instantly without problems. This band can be worn all day long; there is no uncomfortable feeling while wearing it. The prices range is $199.99-$389.99.

Nabu Razer X

The Razer X is a nice beautiful wearable smart watch. It is specially designed to help fitness freaks. It has the ability to track the exercise goals every day. It enables users to synch their data with their cell phones. It is also a good device to wear when you are outside for a run. It also measures your heartbeat. It cleverly monitors your heart rate and sleep levels at the night.


The Razer X is able to log your heart related or health data automatically with the help of Bluetooth. It comes with its own app that allows users to connect their smartphone or laptop with it and access the logs it recorded for your healthy needs.  It can work with a number of apps on iOS and Android devices. The Display has 3 LEDs. The sensor is also detachable and the whole module is also water resistant. It can resist the water up to 1 meter of depth. The battery lasts between five to seven days without the need for recharge.

The price is also very low and is most appealing to the low spending wristband consumers. The display might annoy some users as it cannot function as a watch. The price is $19.99-$49.99.

E Fun Next One

The E Fun NextOne wearable is a cool new wristband also. It is a fitness and activity tracking band that monitors the health status and activities. Like the other bands mentioned in this article, this one also has the ability to track heart rate and sleep.

It allows user to setup their own profiles and make changes to them. E Fun NExtOne also gives users the capability to connect with Bluetooth and synch their data with the smart devices. It helps users’ to keep track of their calls and data stored.


Jason Liszewski is the managing director of E FUN. He emphasizes a lot on fitness and health goals. According to him, “Practicing healthy habits and fitness is a commitment.”

The above statement was kept in mind while manufacturing EFUN NextOne band. Imagine the fun it creates by seamlessly integrating with your daily life activities and converting them into a complete success.

The NextOne has OLED display screen. It does multiple tasks like informing the users about their notifications and let them track their calls. An alarm is also built into the band that vibrates to wake the user up. That way, other sleeping around you will not get bothered by the alarm. In addition to waking up the user, it helps track the sleeping data of as well.

The Next One by E FUN can work like a smart watch as well. It can sync data with smartphones. This nice lovely gadget by EFUN is ideal for users who want to track incoming calls and setup a messaging system. The price is $69.99 which is quite affordable for the users who wish to have a normal wristband for daily life.

Misfit Shine Swarovski

The Misfit Shine Swarovski is a wearable fitness device. It helps sleep tracking and records your daily activities whether you are doing swimming or looking at a model in a fashion show. It has the capability of emitting lights. These light show your progress towards daily fitness goal by logging data.

Other activities the Shine band can track are running, walking, bicycling etc. After recording, it uploads the data into read charts by Shine band. It also records the calories you have burned.


Misfit Shine is compatible with most smartphones. It has a good interface and can monitor the daily sleep activity as well. Sleeping goals are very important for healthy lifestyle. Shine does its best to shine its light on your sleep time.

The Misfit Shine looks like a watch. It is a wearable also and a fitness band. The look is fashionable and is favorable for those who like fashion. The price is $69.99-$149.99 which is reasonable and affordable.

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge fitness band is one of those fitness trackers that can be considered an all-purpose fitness tracker. The device is an exemplary wearable and costs $149.

It has the ability to measures steps, calories, sleep and your heart rate, day and night. It includes a lovely strap which contributes to the wonderful new design. It has a small OLED display that can also show who is calling. Anyone who wants a general activity tracker to find out the accurate fitness data and how much progress they are making, the Fitbit Charge HR offers the best combination of features and price.


Fitbit Charge HR makes every heartbeat count. Every step you take is measured nicely. It also has a caller ID as described above. The battery life is not as low as one or two days, it can last up to 5-6 days without charging.

The health data can be wirelessly synchronized with your computer or cell phone. Get an overall picture of your health by knowing how long should you sleep and how long do you actually sleep with the help of Fitbit band.

Fitbit has everything you need in one place. You can even gauge your food activity by a bar code scanner; and a calorie estimator increases your calorie knowledge day by day. Living healthier just got better and sleeping better is now possible with Fitbit Charge HR.

Did you like our list? Do you plan on buying any of these Smart Bands anytime soon?