Ever since Google bought the Android operating platform in 2005,  it has become the largest contender against Apple’s iOS in the fight for the most popular platform for Smartphones. With the vast market wherein the Android OS is being sold, there’s no doubt that it can oust the iOS easily. With over 250 million Android product activations, expect that Android phones are the best selling Smartphones in the market!

Owning an Android phone has many benefits. Due to its adaptability, there are many applications available in Android than in iOS. If you want to be productive, there are a lot of management apps that can help you in your day to day life.

Managing finances are one of the things you can keep track using the vast number of apps in Google Play. Here are the best Android apps for financial management you can choose from to turn your Android gadget into your personal organizer:

1. Expense Manager


  • Track your income and expenses by week, month, year, or by designated category
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Get alerts for payments to be made
  • Manage multiple accounts with multiple currencies
  • Back up your accounts via CSV and save it on Dropbox or your SD card

2. EasyMoney – Expense Manager


  • Enjoy having an expense manager, bill reminder, and a budget planner in one app!
  • Categorize your expenses from business, personal, travel, etc.
  • Analyse your spending habits with charts and graphs
  • Get alerts so you could pay your bills on time
  • Protect your data with a security pin!

3. AndroMoney Expense Track Money


  • Intuitive interface that’s so easy to use
  • Manage calculations with its built-in calculator
  • Use charts and graphs to visualize data
  • Store your data on the cloud via Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Protect your financial data with a password

4. T2Expense – Money Manager


  • Manage your expenses and accounts (accepts multiple accounts with multiple currencies)
  • Enjoy managing your income and expenses with different integrated tools and widgets
  • Search previous transactions with its search history support
  • Export your financial data either HTML or Excel
  • Take photos of your receipt and scan barcodes
  • Allows voice command

5. NoteAccount – Managing Money


  • Table-like application interface; simple interface looks similar to Excel
  • Auto updates balances of other transactions as you enter data
  • Shows monthly summaries of transactions.

Choose from only the best Android apps found in the Play Market. Never miss another transaction; finance management has never been this easy through the use of apps!