A drive to provide the consumer with the best and the latest makes Google push hard at its technological advancements to take them to the next level. After announcing its Fiber TV and looking forward to its Kansas City launch, the search engine giant on Thursday, announced that the TV had received its first set of 3D channels.

Yes, you have read it right. 3net and ESPN3D have confirmed to roll out their services for the TV. In fact, the beaming has already begun and existing consumers can subscribe to 3net on channel 338, whereas for ESPN3D, you need to dial Google and sign up for the services.

The difference in availing the services is clear as 3net is available for all the subscribers of Google under the “Gigabit+TV” plan. On the other hand, ESPN3D will add an additional burden of $5 per month plus the taxes to the already existing Gigabit+TV plan, which already costs a whooping $120 per month.

Channel 3net has incorporated “extensive library” features that support original 3D programming and include sections of natural history, documentary, action/adventure, kids and family, lifestyle and cuisine, concerts, movies scripted series, etc. ESPN3D, whereas, boasts of being the industry’s first 24/7 3D sports network.

The officials at Google have gone ahead and said that, “We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — we’re committed to making these qualities that you’ve come to expect from Google Fiber TV better and better. And, thanks to the amazing capacity of Fiber, we can also include some new experiences and tools that will make watching TV even cooler. For example, 3D channels.”

All things fair and square, there are a few things that you need to do before taking the nudge ahead. This rollout comes a little bit too early from the consumers point of view. Gearing up for a 3D channel will require you to own 3D glasses and a 3D-compatible TV, together with Google Fiber. The adoption of a 3D-enabled TV can be slow due to the involvement of high costs that come associated with the services. Also, the feature of Google TV to get easily accepted will be slow paced, firstly because of the huge costs and secondly due to limited availability. If you are not residing in Kansas City, you have to try hard.

The market share reduces thus, as we add both the situations together and search for results. The numbers might not even cross a thousand for the services at present. That’s not a great sight for the tech giant, initially.

Google, though should go ahead with the promotions of the Fiber, 3D technology and look to cater to more of such technologies that require more bandwidth.