Ever since the invention of the first car in the 19th century, the invention has come a long way and has made leaps and strides in terms of innovation. What once used a one cylinder two-stroke engine and produced only 0.75 HP now is capable of running on electricity and can give an output of over 500 hp.

As opposed to the 20th century, where it would take years for a company to launch their latest model, now, very year car companies come up with better models equipped with the latest technology. This is done so to give the users enhanced performances and enable them to cope with the ever-changing technology. The various automobile manufacturers have enabled the consumers to pick from a variety of options available and buy the one that they like the most.

Every new model has something more to offer the consumer. However, with the self-driving cars coming into mainstream consumerism, there will be no need for people to drive cars in a few decades. But until that happens, the human driver is responsible for operating a car themselves. There are many people who do not like driving or do not have great driving skills. These drawbacks make them more vulnerable to accidents or getting lost or having their car malfunction in the middle of their journey. To help them in this department, and to reach their destination safely, here are a few navigation apps that will assist them:

EverDrive App:

The EverDrive app is something that is meant to keep you on track with the law while also providing you with safety guidelines. It works on all types of smartphone, be it Android or iOS and runs in the background collecting your data through the entire trip. The information it collects during your journey is gathered through your accelerometer, time of the day, vehicle location, and rotational movements and even how many times the mobile screen was turned on and off. At the end of the journey, it tells you your score out of 100 based on all the things it evaluated on. It can also connect to your social media accounts so that you can share your score and compete for the top spot amongst your friends and family. You can switch off the application if you are not in a car, or using a public transport or are merely just a passenger in the car so that your score doesn’t get affected.

In-Traffic Reply:

Many people who are driving can get distracted by a call or a message on their phone during their ride, that distraction has the potential to result in an accident, therefore it should be avoided at all costs. Samsung has come up with a solution by developing the app “In-Traffic Reply”. When you are driving, it will track your movement, if someone calls you or messages you during that time, the app will mute all notifications. Instead, the app will promptly respond to that person by sending a text message which will state “I am driving, so I cannot answer at this moment.” You can also type in a custom reply for the app to send when you activate it. You can close the app when you are a passenger or not driving.

MotionX GPS Drive:

Google maps has been the savior of many drivers who are bad at directions. However, its functions are limited only to telling you where to go from a specific location to another along with traffic updates. Even though MotionX GPS Drive does all that too, it has an added benefit to it. It can first and foremost talk to you in a tone of your choice, which are available in the app. Whether you want to be guided by the voice of an old lady or a very proper British gentleman, this app has it all. Furthermore, the app can play specific songs of your choosing by listening to your voice commands. It even tracks your car’s parking spot and guides you to your car through audio directions.


What makes this application differ from the rest is the fact that it is a community driven app. Rather than relying on satellite data for traffic jams and speed limits on roads, it can be updated by people. Anyone with the application can feed data about a road blockage, an accident that happened, or any hindrances or speed limits that a specific route may have. It can also store data from your previous destinations and can guide you through that way again instead of giving out its own routes.


For the parents of those teens who are worried about the safety of their offspring while their children are driving the car alone can install this application. Canary will send notifications to the kid’s parents if the kid unlocks his/her phone while she is driving. Also, a notification will be sent to the parents if the kid goes past the speed limit.

Driving responsibly is something we should all adhere to. If we do not drive carefully, we are not just putting our lives in danger but the lives of the people around us can be deeply affected as well. All these apps have been designed to keep the people safe while driving. For the people who fear driving or lose their attention very quickly while driving can get help through these applications and have a safe and pleasant journey.