It is undoubtedly hard to conduct business these days. Even though there are hundreds of services out there designed to assist your business, the very process of choosing the most suitable utilities for your company may turn into a real nightmare and result in escalating costs rather than profit. Luckily, there is a place where you can find every possible online tool for your business. Let’s take a look at what TeamLab has to offer.

Agile Project Management

Project management tool is probably the most vital for any entrepreneur. Smart business planning, proper task delegation and timely reporting are the key factors of a successful venture. That is why TeamLab provides users with a large amount of the features in the project management section. Among the most called-for ones are:

scheduling project milestones
assigning tasks to employees in charge
managing access rights for different projects
generating time-tracking as well as project issues and unsolved tasks reports
leading discussions on various project-related topics


Now that we are through with task delegation and deadlines it’s high time to think about an effective way to organize the information in an easy-to-use manner. Every team member should be perfectly aware of his or her upcoming tasks as well as those of other colleagues. In this case a calendar comes in handy. Some of the options provided are listed below:

tracking of personal tasks, milestones and corporate events
ability to create an individual calendar for yourself or for a particular team
management of notifications about upcoming events
data optimization by switching off the information you don’t need to see
sharing and online co-editing of your personal calendars

Efficient Business Collaboration

The fundamental point of any business’s prosperity is internal communication. No matter what kind of information you are dealing with – a new marketing strategy or displacement of cafeteria, you want your colleagues to be well aware of those changes. TeamLab’s set of collaboration features includes, but is not limited to the following:

creating a list of corporate departments and colleagues
conducting polls to collect opinions on various issues
maintaining a company blog to share ideas with your team
accumulating your own corporate knowledge base with the Wiki section
collaborating with your colleagues from Android or iOS mobile phones

Online Document Editing

No matter what size or orientation your business is, you are very likely to work with some kind of documents – tables, presentations or pictures. We’ve got used to working with separate office programs, however TeamLab’s documents module questions the necessity of any additional office suits. Users are enabled to:

work with the most popular formats (including docx, odt, pdf, jpg, png, pptx, xlsx, csv)
edit documents online
set access rights for each document
import documents from Google Docs, Zoho, and integrate into the Project management module
restore any version of the document with version control

Customer Relationship Management

Clients have always been a priority for a successful business. Regular customers are the ones who guarantee the stability of your business. Consequently, CRM is an indispensable tool for any entrepreneur. Here is what TeamLab users can do to improve client interaction:

create a base with all the contacts a company is working with
analyze communication with clients (control sales pipeline, estimate budget and success probability)
associate contacts with particular opportunities or cases
restrict the access from one to several users for every contact, opportunity or case
customize opportunity stages and contact types according to your corporate needs


That was just a brief review of what TeamLab is capable of. Try it for yourself to make sure that keeping all business tools in one place is much more convenient than installing superfluous software.

Is something missing? Does your business require more options? What are those? You are welcome to convey your ideas via customer feedback form. Still have some questions or need proper elucidation? Check out user guides or contact support team for professional assistance.