QR codes are increasingly gaining popularity day by day and have become a part and parcel of everyday life. They were first evolved in Japan and are now becoming common in use everywhere. They are a form of mobile marketing that is tremendously growing its value in the world. They gather bits of information from media and put them in your cell phone, enabling an easy access for you to gain information anywhere and at any time.

QR codes are getting so famous that they have become a trend now. These can be seen almost everywhere now, like in magazines, on billboards, t-shirts, etc. If you want any information about a company, the only thing you have to do is to scan its QR code on your mobile and get details in seconds. There are certain points that make a QR code better than a standard barcode, like they can store more of text, data, including links, etc. Another point is that all new smartphones have this QR code inbuilt in them, enabling them to scan the data instantly, instead of carrying a hand-held scanner along.

Here are some ways which can help in the increment of production and recognition of the small businesses:

Business card : We all know that business cards provide very less details about a company and do not give proper optimization of its detail. By placing a QR code, one can browse all relevant, significant and exact details about a company, which also helps in gathering more of potential customers with just one click.

Newspaper ads : Fetching ads of some company in newspapers can lead to wastage of time, effort, and the ad might also get lost or trashed. Instead of doing so much, placing a QR code in your copy helps reader to fetch your company more easily and quickly, as they will be able to scan it in their cell phones.

Classified ads : Classified ads charge huge amount of money for an ad as per the words you use; here QR code helps you save your money along with quick and fast services.

Print media- brochures/menus : Advertising is the most effective way of promoting a business, but at the same time, it is a costly process too. QR code placement is making an edge by allowing you to have the information at one click, plus you can save it in your device too.

Store window : People often visit malls, shops etc and store window advertisement of QR code caters a lot of productivity. Do not get upset if you reach a store and see a closed sign. You can still gain all information about that company just by scanning the QR code in your mobile. If you stick it on a mall’s floor, it will help visitors find their way to your store.

Inside your store : You can also experiment some tricks by playing some games with your customers. You can put the codes at some areas according to your strategic plan, and give rewards to the customers on finding them. You can also put them on some products to help customers gain knowledge about that product.

Yard signs : This is the best technique to boost your business. You can place a QR code on yard signs, which are mostly seen on highways or on stop lights, making your company visible to pedestrians, drivers and neighbors, and those interested can simply scan it and gather all the desired knowledge and information about your company.

To put everything in a nutshell, boosting your business with QR codes can give great results.