‘The world at its behest’ is the main mantra of search engine giant Google. Keeping this in mind a new concept of aligning devices (tablets, PCs, mobiles, etc.) together to a printer at the same time was designed. This concept is called Cloud Printing. It has made printing possible from any device, at any time in an effective manner. Google Cloud Print can be made accessible through devices connected to web and through devices having mobile applications. One can single handily use this application or combine it with a group and reap its benefits. Using this service requires the presence of a net enabled device together with a net enabled printer (though classic printers can also be used, it works effectively on Cloud Computing printers). Another important requirement is access to a Google account.

How Computing Works:

Cloud computing is a generic term used for a collection of services provided on the Infrastructure part, the Platform portion and the Software part. All these services combined form a cloud. These services are then connected to any device either through the Net or mobile apps. After connection, with the use of a Google account, any information present on the device can be printed with the help of a printer also connected to this cloud.

A radical change in the outlook

Cloud computing has changed the perception of users by enabling them a platform where they can share and print information at their own will. This concept has brought about a change in the way ‘connections’ are made.This format of technology is very helpful in this era as it is time-saving as well as forms a platform for sharing. One can connect printers present at home as well as office and with printers present within a group of friends. The end users have a real-time benefit using this service. This service gives a boost to personal as well as professional sharing. There are mainly two types of cloud printing:

Virtual cloud printing: In this method of printing a user can use the benefits of taking out prints directly from devices like tablets, desktops, etc. with the help of newly devised printers that make effective use of cloud printing applications. Connection to all these devices are made virtually in the cloud.

Mobile cloud printing: This method of printing allows a user to use its handset for getting prints on the go. One has to access his/hers Gmail account from the handset and connect a printer via the Net and send any information required for printing directly. Any time, any place is the mantra for this type of printing.

Mobile apps are a rage now

Every company into developing mobile apps has understood the importance of cloud computing and has started the development of apps that provide a platform for this service. The race to be the best has started.

The main benefits of this service are not limited for business purposes alone. Photographers, social media sites users and designers dealing in graphics have all started the use of this service as it requires less time to get a print of their works.

This is another attempt by Google to shorten the time taken by people to get a desired output from their stored information. The way a user tries to get his/her hard copy of the information stored in its devices has brought about a change. It has achieved success, as it helps in getting a printout faster, effectively and at will. So one just needs a web browser supporting this service, devices loaded with the appropriate apps and a Gmail account to get the best out from this platform. The “click of a button” era has another feather in its cap with this service.