In the sharing economy, the on demand services are the fastest growing business concept that is followed by almost all fields of business. Some of the businesses that make use of the on demand services are the restaurant meals, gifts, groceries, packages and transportation. All the business has become app based businesses that are requested via the smartphones and are fulfilled through the contract workers or independent partners who make use of their spare time and their own vehicle to deliver the items requested by the consumers.

Instacart – Groceries delivered in an hour

This is an online grocery delivery service that provides its service through the mobile app that is available on the Android and iOs platform, where the customer’s can make the payment through the Apple pay and Android Pay that is available on their respective platform. Earlier the shoppers of the app went directly to the store and bought the items that were ordered at the retail and include the delivery charges and add a markup of the 10% to 20%. Since the business has gained more popularity, the app has partnered with the grocery firms and so, they share their store markup which allows the Instacart shoppers to buy at the same in-store rates.

Accessing the app is a simple process where the customer has to place the order from their favorite store using their mobile or computer, the selected groceries, get delivered within one hour or the customers can schedule the delivery time. Fresh groceries are handpicked from the nearest local store and are delivered at the customer’s place at the scheduled time, so the customers can have a hassle free shopping experience.

Caviar – Get delivery from your favorite restaurant

One can taste the foods from America’s best independent restaurant with a single click. The company has partnered with the finest restaurants so that the customers can enjoy great some of the great foods of the country. The customers can place their orders through the website or by using their mobile app in the iOS or Android platform. The best food items are delivered from Washington DC, San Francisco Bay – including the South Bay and East Bay, Atlanta, Queens, Chicago, Brooklyn, Boston, Seattle, Sacramento, Dallas, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Portland, Dallas and Los Angeles.

You can place a bulk order or order for one person and the food is delivered at the doorstep, even when you are at the office you can place the order and the food will be delivered to the office. Some people are diet conscious and find it difficult to choose the food items of their choice, but the Caviar app has the best a healthy menu where the customer can find dairy free products, vegan and gluten free dishes. Whether you want to place the order for weekend working sessions or for corporate meetings, you can place the order via the app and get the confirmation message once the order is placed. The app allows the customers to track the delivery process as the GPS tracking system is attached to the app.

Shyp – Shipping made easy

This is the on demand courier service that picks up the packages and ships the things through the USPS and other major carriers. It is a San Francisco based courier service started in 2013 now offers service in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. The customers who wish to ship their packages can download the Shyp app and fill the details like the pickup and drop location and upload the photo of the items that have to be shipped. In 2015, the shipping company launched the Android app so as to complement their Apple app and the company launched the Shyp returns feature that allows the customers to return the items that were purchased online like the Nordstrom, Amazon and Target.

The couriers visit the customer’s place to pick up the items that has to be shipped. The things that has to be shipped are packed by the professionals who are trained experts shipping high quality materials. The company offers the best price across the carries in shipping the packages to the requested location. Apart from delivering the shipping items, the company also provides a hassle free gifting process that allows the customers to gift the items to the requested recipient. Customers who wish to donate the unused items to the Goodwill or wish to move the junks to the transfer station can inform the shipping company about the delivery so that they can make the shipment in the respect location.

With the help of Etsy, the independent artists and craftsmen have the opportunity to sell their works online and earn for their living. So the sellers can ship their goods or items without any issues through the Shyp app. This can be done by connecting their eBay account in the shipping app and then select the items that have to be shipped and schedule a pickup time. Within the same day the items are picked from the customer’s place and the sales are completed on the ecommerce website and even notify the buyers about the shipment details.


When there are on demand services for food, why not for drinks- Minibar is an on demand service that delivers drinks for the customers at their door step. The customers can order for liquor, beer, wine and mixers, apart from this the company also offers the customers the chance to gift their loved ones with their favorite drinks. The company is available on the mobile and on web across major cities like Silicon Valley, Miami, New York, Palm Beach, Ithaca, Los Angeles, The Hamptons, Hoboken, Jersey and San Francisco. Using this platform, the vendors can set up an own business by listing the name and price of the products.

The customers have to enter the location and then choose the drinks from the list of the best brands available in the city. The customers can view the details of the drinks when they click on the button; the story about the drink is specified along with other details like the percentage of alcohol content that is available in the drink. The drinks that are ordered by the customers are delivered within half an hour to one hour. Those who wish to become partners have to setup their store with the company and they integrate the inventory with the point of sale system or even manage the inventory manually. Later, when the customer places an order, the partners are notified about the same either through the mail, fax, portal or call. They must confirm the order and send out for delivery, while the app connects them to the existing card processor so that the amount paid by the customer directly reaches the merchant’s pocket.

Stow Simple – Storage without headache

This is the on demand storage service that offers the customers to store their things in the warehouse. The customers those who wish to store their package can inform the company so that they will pack all the things from the customer’s place and store them in the safe warehouse. The company has an air conditioned storage warehouse that helps to securely store the customer’s stuffs. The customers can also view their items from the warehouse through online. The company offers free pickup for the donation purposes.

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