Can you recall the ad where two boys coax their grandfather to sell his much beloved vintage car at unbelievably great price? Yes, we are talking about the TV campaign that sticks to simplicity, humor and thus has a high recall value.

One of the most established names in the online classified portals business, OLX has made a mark in over 96 countries reaching out to people speaking more than 40 languages. What started as a small experiment in Buenos Aires, Argentina has today captured attention of the entire world with many businesses starting similar portals. Today OLX has its offices in Sao Paolo, New York, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Mumbai, Moscow and in every place, every country they stress on the local flavor. If in Africa, the ‘treadmill ad’ is making waves, in India, the ‘baby cot’, the ‘old desktop’ ads are making their mark.

OLX was launched in India in 2006. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that the TV commercials for the company were released here. Catering to the emerging middle class urban population, all the TV ads proclaim that ‘Yahan Sab Kuch Bikta Hai’ (Everything sells here). The two-word tagline, ‘Bech De’ leaves a prompt impact on the viewers who are made to believe that the offers on are so irresistible that it doesn’t take much time in making a decision and selling an old furniture or equipment.

Memorable TV Ads in India

Baby Cot Ad

One of the most successful ads from OLX is the baby cot ad where in 30 seconds, you learn how to sell and how to buy things from OLX. When a new-born arrives to a family, the need of replacing few furniture with baby products is the focus of the ad and with the help of OLX, the tedious job can be done effortlessly and this is highlighted in the ad. The USP of the ad is the humorous inclusion of the baby mouthing the dialogue ‘Bech De’ or ‘Sell It’.

Old Desktop Ad

Another classic ad from OLX is the one where two sons want to sell their father’s old desktop. The commercial shows that two sons are seeking permission from their father to sell the old desktop, father recalls all the memories associated with the desktop and refuses the offer. But on hearing the price offered on OLX, memories take a back seat and the desktop gets sold within minutes. ‘Bech De’ is what the father then says to his sons.

Grandfather’s Car Ad

This is one classic ad that has been released in several countries. It is one of the most popular African ads and in India too, the three-generation equation appeals to the audience. The modern grandsons browsing on their phones come across an exciting offer for the car and coax their grandfather and father to sell it. Yes, predictably, both men have beautiful memories with the car yet the OLX offer manipulates them to sell the car within minutes.