Beating Galaxy SIII that marked the highest sale with 10 million in two months, Apple’s iPhone 5 got more than 2 million orders in just 24 hours. Not only Galaxy SIII but it has broken the record of its own previous model iPhone 4S. As Reuters reported, Apple’s share has already touched 700 dollars.

“iPhone 5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by iPhone 4S and the customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief.

Although the phone will be available in shops from Friday, September 21 in the US, the UK and seven other countries, but the pre-orders are reaching heights. It is not new for Apple to see first day sales but this time it seems Apple is set to achieve something big, as it has doubled its first day sales record this time. If we look into the details, last October ,the company had booked 1 million orders in 24 hours and this time it is 2 million in the same duration of 24 hours. Apple on Monday said that the pre-orders are surpassing the initial supply but they would certainly deliver most phones as planned by Friday.

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“The pace of this iPhone 5 roll-out is the fastest in the iPhone’s history and points to a big December quarter,” said Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes. AT&T, the largest mobile network in the UK, said iPhone 5 was the fastest selling iPhone it has ever offered and it has set a new record.

The most awaited iPhone is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, it has a 4-inch screen, supports 4G network, caters a new in-house maps feature, improved camera with a low-light mode plus a panorama feature and a lot more. iPhone 5 is Apple’s first smartphone that inherits a 4G, the fastest mobile broadband technology. Moreover, analysts have already predicted that Apple will sell more than 30 million iPhone 5 by the end of this month.

This latest iPhone is undoubtedly going to give a tough competition to other smartphones in the market.