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Nutcache Overview, Review and Alternatives 2014



Businesses of all size and magnitude are beginning to realize the importance of automating their payment and billing process. Thankfully today we can find several free and near free invoicing software in the market. In this review article I will take you through the easy to use Nutcache invoicing software and hopefully help businesses decide whether Nutcache is the best application for their needs.


Nutcache is a free invoicing application developed by a Canadian company called Dynacom Technologies. It is a cloud based invoicing and accounting system ideal for independent professionals, small and medium sized businesses. This multilingual software is available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Chinese and Japanese.

Let’s have a quick look at its key offerings.


Sending Estimates: You can easily send estimates to your clients with the click of a button. Clients can review and approve the quotes on the web. Upon approval, seamlessly convert estimates into invoices with just one click.
Expense Tracking: You can log and manage your business spending through the very helpful, expense management tool. This can be used to re-bill the clients if the project overshoots the defined expenses.

Time Tracking: The time tracking feature in Nutcache is very decent as well. You can manually enter the total hours worked on different projects each day, select the service type and tag hours as billable or un-billable. Logged hours can also be converted into invoices, which can then be sent to clients. The desktop program lacks a built-in timer for time tracking.

Invoicing: The invoicing function with Nutcache is good too. You can create invoices and accept payments through 4 payment gateway options (PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and 2Checkout). The file can be downloaded and saved in different formats (pdf, csv, rtf, mhtml, xls, doc, or ppt).  It also lets you create client statements which can only be printed and saved but you can’t send them directly via e-mails to your clients.

Reporting: Nutcache offers extensive reports including client aging report, tax summary and revenue reports. It offers the flexibility to include only a specific client, date range, or project.

Areas of Improvement

No Overdue Status: There is no way to see the overdue status at a glance.
We are expecting that this feature is going to be added in the next update.

Nutcache is surely here to stay. The variety of features it offers is not often found in other free software. To me it is a very good product for professionals. Depending on the needs and the scale of operation, it can suit businesses as well.

Pricing: Nutcache is available Free of Cost

Alternatives of Nutcache



The product scores high points for its simplicity, ease of use, and functionality. An invoicing application that is highly customizable, offers smooth navigation and comes with perks like auto-billing, invoice tracking, project budgeting and a lot more. It is a product suitable for all business sizes.


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Hiveage is a cloud based invoicing platform designed by Vesses. The company has officially launched this product as an up gradation of its predecessor Curdbee. It automatically inherits approximately 35,000 customers that have been using Curdbee to create invoices and initiate billing processes online.
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