According to the reports, Apple has issued a scrolling related patent to both Nokia and IBM. The patent has a special reference to all the zones where over-scrolling takes place in a textured background.

The issuing of scrolling patent is being viewed in regard of the Apple and Samsung’s legal battle previous summer where they both reached a stage of settlement and withdrew complaints from the U.S. International Trade Commission. In addition to that, not only did Apple paid a one time check but also gave up the relevant royalties to Nokia. iOS scrolling patent is one of the most speculated item which Apple has given to Nokia and IBM which asserts a major defeat of the technology giant as it has always been stubborn enough to not to surrender the code, especially its iOS.

It may be of particular interest to know that Apple suggested to license the same patent to Samsung during their previous unsuccessful negotiations in November 2010, this of course draws relevance with the Late Steve Jobs ambition to destroy Android as he felt it was a stolen product. The cause for the failure of negotiations is still unknown and or the reasons behind the current running lawsuits between the two giants which has now spread over to almost every continent.

Having a look down the memory lane, the war between Nokia and Apple which took place last summer and was settled in a courtroom instead of the market, Nokia had taken the Cupertino company to the court in the end of 2009 because of over 10 GSM, UMTS, and Wi-Fi related patents which were allegedly infringed by Apple in its iPhones. Apple had reverted back with a lawsuit against the Espoo for infringing thirteen of the Apple Patents.