Have you bought a new iPad 2 and you want to download some applications for it but there are thousands of apps available out there and it gets really confusing which one is best and which one to get.

So, Here is a list of amazing apps that would spice up your iPad 2.

1. GarageBand

GarageBand has always made its position in any top 10 list; GarageBand for iPad 2 is the second generation of the app; using the touch-screen and the accelerometer it not only senses the point where you touch but it senses how hard one taps. Based on the hardness of tapping the intensity of the sound is decided. Those who can play music and those who cannot both can use GarageBand. It costs $4.99.

2. Infinity Blade

Thos who played the game in iPad 1 would feel how much development it has undergone. Infinity Blade for iPad 2 offers an improved graphics and smooth actions with the new horsepower.

Those who are playing the game for the first time would definitely like the game. You have to play the role of a warrior and go to a castle to take revenge of your father’s death. You can buy this game for $2.99.

3. Google Earth

Google Earth is the application that allows you to view any part of the world from any where. With the advance A5 processor of iPad 2 Google Earth for iPad 2 offers an amazing experience. Google Earth for iPad 2 comes for free.

4. Can Knockdown

Playing this game can be an experience as Can Kockdown for iPad 2 offers awesome 3D effects and amazing graphics. The game is pretty simple; you have to throw balls to various objects or obstacles and make them fall. It might sound easy but while playing you might have a tough time to knock the objects with the ball; the game will become complex when you go to the higher level. The price of this game is $0.99.

5. PinBall HD

The PinBall is one of the popular games and played by people of all ages. PinBall game is available for iPad 2. Amazing graphics can be called as the main feature of PinBall HD for iPad 2; detailed high resolution 3D graphics, realistic physics and multiple camera angles prove that the A5 processor of iPad 2 can do wonders.

PinBall HD for iPad 2 has many tables such as The Deep and Jungle Style, Wild West etc. Each table has unique artwork and significantly unique game play. PinBall HD for iPad 2 is available for $0.99.

6. Real Racing 2 HD

As the name suggests it is a car racing game; Real Racing 2 HD for iPad 2 is specially designed for the iPad users. It makes uses of the gyroscope of iPad 2; while playing car racing game you can use the whole iPad to control the cars. As it comes with high definition graphics you can play it on your HDTV using HDMI adapter. While playing Real Racing 2 HD for iPad 2 on iPad or HDTV it shows real time map. The game comes at a price of $9.99.

7. Junaio

Janaio for iPad 2 is an awesome application. It is an advanced reality browser that allows you to watch your surroundings. This app has not released yet; but once it is available it will be one of the popular apps.

8. i3D

This app is for those who like 3D stuff; i3D for iPad 2 comes for free.

9. Angry Birds HD

The game Angry Birds is a very popular game; the game has won Guinness World Record for having more than 200 million downloads on various platforms. Angry Birds HD and Angry Birds Rio for iPad 2 comes for $4.99 and $4.19 respectively.

10. iMovie

This is for the movie makers; iMovie for iPad 2 allows recording and editing of audio and video files. The application comes with many attractive and useful features required for the movie makers. The cost of iMovie for iPad 2 is $4.99.