Now that the market for NetBooks is changing it may be that many people will be considering a tablet computer as well as one of the many NetBook deals that there are available.  One of the most popular tablets is the iPad, so how does this stack up when compared to a NetBook?

Affordable and Practical

The first thing you will notice is the price.  Here it is no contest, particularly if you are on a tight budget. You can get a NetBook far cheaper than you can an iPad.  If you are simply looking for a basic device then the iPad may not be the best choice. The next thing to consider is the features that each of them includes. NetBooks are not known for making multitasking easy but when compared to the iPad it is better and there are plenty of things that you can do with a NetBook that you cannot do with an iPad. For most users the iPad is about accessing social networking, playing games and for basic online tasks.

The keyboard on the NetBook is smaller than a standard laptop but is more geared up to tasks such as typing than the iPad. Screen size on a NetBook also beats the iPad hands down. Connectivity is also an issue. The iPad has no USB ports but the NetBook makes it easy to attach peripheral equipment such as a mouse or external disk drive.

Customizable OS

The operating system is something of an issue too. Most NetBooks come with a Windows-based operating system now but this is something that you can change if you want to. On an iPad it is a Mac operating system and you have no choice in the matter. When considering NetBook deals you can shop around until you find one that has an operating system that you like.


Memory and Hard Drives

Memory is an important feature too. As the NetBook is intended to do many of the same tasks as a laptop then you will be pleased to hear that hard drive storage can be up to 500 GB or even more, but you will get nowhere near this on an iPad, as it is simply not intended for the same tasks.  However, as time goes on the iPad storage will more than likely increase, so models launched over the next few years will offer more and more storage.

Internet Browsing and Download Speed

Connecting to the internet is also something to consider. Speeds are set with the iPad but the browser you are using is mobile Safari and you have no choice with this. You can have a choice of browsers and connectivity options when you use a NetBook although it does not offer 3G in the way that the iPad does.


When shopping for the device that you want it is a good idea to plan ahead. Work out exactly what you want the device for and what you will use it for on a daily basis. If you need it for work-based tasks then the iPad may not be enough so the NetBook is probably the most practical option available to you.

Phil Turner has been leaning towards buying a NetBook rather than an iPad or any other tablet computer. He has seen lots of netbook deals in local computer stores and is trying to decide which NetBook to buy.