Have you ever heard of ShowBox? I hope so because every streamer knows about this app. That is a viral streaming app that lets you watch unlimited videos on your Smartphones. The developers of this app are from the US, so we can say that this is a US-based streaming app.

These days everyone wants to see videos in HD results. To watch videos in HD results, you need a good internet connection, a good smartphone, and that smartphone must support a 1080p format. Unfortunately, several smartphones don’t support 1080p results, and that is why people are wasting their time watching low-quality videos.

So that is why we are going to mention the seven best streaming apps that work amazingly on your smartphones. With these apps, you can watch videos in 1080p, but if your phone doesn’t support 1080p results, you are still lucky to watch the video in that quality. Without wasting your time, we must come to our main point.

Top 7 Showbox Alternatives Apps to Watch the Video Free of Cost

So these are the seven best alternatives to ShowBox, and now I will give you a brief detail about them.

1. Cinema APK

Cinema APK

Cinema APK is also known as Cinema HD, is the best streaming app to watch free videos. This app not only supports Android Phone, but you can also use this app on Firestick, Roku, and Windows. This app lets you watch the latest Hollywood movies for free. You can legally watch the videos in 720p and 1080p.

You can access a huge list of videos that are free to watch. For iOS users, Cinema HD is the best replacement if any other app is not working on iOS devices.

Cinema APK is the best alternative to ShowBox, and you can download this app with just one click. The size of this app is smaller than expected, so you are just a few steps away from installing this app on your smartphone.

2. Titanium TV

Titanium TV

Titanium TV came into the market after the Terrarium TV app was shut down. This app is another great alternative to Showbox. The design of this app is eye-catchy, and once you open this app, you will find exciting things to explore.

With just one click, you can sign up on this app. Once you sign up, then no one can stop you from exploring the videos. All the videos are in HD results, and the installation process of this app is easy. When you click on the app icon, you will see a bunch of movies to watch. The latest released videos are available on the top corner so that the users can view them easily.

3. Kodi


Kodi is an ancient app in the streaming industry that has a lot of free content to watch. There was a time when YouTube was the king of videos, but now several apps have arrived in the market, replacing YouTube slowly.

Kodi is a fantastic app with great functions added by its developers. It offers you free content that isn’t shown in paid streaming apps. If you want to watch any movie on it, then you can click on that movie icon to play. Once the video is played, you have the option of enabling or disabling the subtitles. You can easily view the captions on it if you want.

There is another excellent feature in the Kodi app. It supports multiple languages, and the categories are straightforward to check because they are arranged in such a unique way that anyone can explore them with ease.

4. TeaTV

So now comes the TeaTV app, which is also an ancient app in the streaming industry like Kodi. The first feature that I liked about the TeaTV app was downloading the videos.

In some videos, the commercials are shown because you are using these apps for free. But there is another great way to evade those ads. You can download the videos you want to watch, and once they are downloaded, you can view those videos on your mobile phone, and no commercials will hit you.

That is so far the best feature that I liked. There is another excellent feature that I like about this app very much. The collection of movies is extensive, plus you get complete information of that movie, like its developers, publishers, and other things related to the producers.

5. PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD has several sections, including Trending Movies, News, Favorites, Trailers, and TV Shows. The complete collection of Hollywood movies is available. It contains the most impressive Hollywood movie series, such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

The app is not limited to Hollywood only, but it provides many with the rest of the movie industries. If you’re bored at home or workplace, open the PlayBox HD app and explore excellent content. The content provided by the app is just unique. If you pick the random content available on the menu, you will get outstanding because the app is providing underrated content on priority.

The app is providing its downloader so, if you desire to download any movie or Tv show, then do the necessary steps and get it on your phone. The downloader provides a great seeding process, and the desired content will be downloaded in no time.

6. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Now let’s figure out what Tubi TV offers. Tubi TV is one of the underrated alternatives of the ShowBox app. Tubi Tv is providing complete content on its official website. Just sign up on the website. Get all the content without any subscription. Since you’re not going to pay a single penny, the Tubi Tv app allows several ads on it. The ads are very safe and don’t damage the privacy of the user.

Many users are wondering if it is a legit app so, I want to inform the audience that the app is 100% legit and requires several permissions to install on your phone. The best part of this product is its size. The size of the app is double-figure. We use many apps that consume too much space but don’t provide limited content.



I put it on the last spot, but for me, it is the most awesome app for watching movies, News, TV Shows, and TV Channels live streaming. Some Indian developers developed the app. In the beginning, it contained Malayalam language content. If you are not familiar with the word “Malayalam”, I should tell you that Malayalam is spoken in India.

MHDTVLIVE  app has got an excellent rating in no time since it provides HD streaming of different TV & reality shows that are premium. The companies charge a dozen dollars to watch their content, but everything is free. The app is also providing live streaming of TV channels.

The developer has exceeded its content strength and now provides the movies & TV Shows of all the countries. Most popular news TV channels are also added like BBC and Bloomberg etc. Online streaming is very enjoyable since HDTV live is providing high-quality video.

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We have reviewed each product very well, and I entertained you by providing authentic information about these products. I’m sure that these alternatives of ShowBox will not disappoint you since they all are better than ShowBox.

People admire Showbox too much because it was the developer when there was no alternative so, that’s why its demand is more than alternatives, but now people are admiring the other options.