Google has been talking about neural networks for a while now. These networks work more like the human brain. These networks help in responding to search queries with a thorough understanding of these queries. These networks work faster than human brain and can do a lot in a short span of time.

Many other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are now looking to adopt this technique which is popularly known as deep learning.

The Google’ RankBrain is being seen as a new way to show results of consumer search queries on Google.

There have been concerns within Google about preferring neural networks over machine learning. This is because many expert do not completely understand how these networks work. on the other machine learning does not provide accurate answers to why a certain result was ranked higher than the other. The reason for more accurate results with deep learning, is also yet to be found out.

The neural networks can learn to identify whatever it is shown and this is the technique that Google is now using to work in the quality of search results, going forward.

The future of Google search is yet to be decided, but the quality of search results is definitely going to improve, going forward.

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