is  an influencer management tool for twitter. The basic plan for the tool comes free of cost. The tool provides a single dashboard to know the activity of the most active followers and the conversations you are having with them.


The tool provides an exciting opportunity for marketers to leverage from large internal teams. Employees can be trained to amplify content on social media channels using this simple to use tool. Businesses have a large number of sales people can benefit a lot from this tool.

Is an awesome tool for content curation and propagation on social media. The free tool helps you easily curate trending content and add customized call to action banners on the same. You can also share your content can create powerful call to action buttons to improve the rate of conversions.


This is another cool social media conversation management app. The tool helps in finding the latest content related to a particular hashtag and sharing or relying on the same from a single dashboard. The tool helps in finding relevant conversations across social media channels. Besides that, it helps in analysing the kind of conversations and engagement that brand is able to generate.


This is a very simple tool to design images for social media posts. This a cloud based tool that provides a host of free images, icons and backgrounds to choose from. The tool also allows you to upload your own images. The tool helps in quick designing of images for different social media channels.

Social Mention

This tools simply lets you know the number and sources of mentions the brand has received in a particular period of time. This helps in analysing the conversations that are happening around the brand on social media.  It is an easy to use free tool.

Social Analytics Chrome Plugin

This is a very interesting content research tool that works as a Chrome extension. The tool helps in find out the number of views, social shares and other data about any post that you have opened in your browser. This is a fairly simple to use tool and comes for free.

Haiku Deck

The tool is a useful way to convert existing content into powerful presentations. You can directly share these presentations on Slideshare as well. The tool provides an easy way to re-purpose useful content and generate engagement and traffic.


Feedly is one of the simplest tools for curating and sharing content in your domain. The tool has a simple one step login and an easy to use interface. The tool helps in subscribing to news feed from all top sites in your domain.


One of the best free tools for influencer marketing on twitter is Followerwonk. The tool helps in finding influencers on twitter while also researching for the most appropriate hashtags to be added on the twitter news feed. The tool also helps in effectively analyzing your followers on twitter.

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