Everything we know so far about the upcoming rumored, October Apple event when it’s happening what you should expect to see all that good stuff.

So let’s dive in….

October is going to be for the iPhone 12. This time Apple is launching the four different iPhone 12 models. Those are lined up as:

  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 max
  • iPhone 12 pro
  • iPhone 12 pro max


iPhone 12 Handset Measurements

The iPhone 12 has silicone cases and it looks like the mini will be a 5.4-inch, iPhone 12 max, and 12 pro 6.1 inches. Whereas the iPhone 12 pro max comes at 6.7 inches. It’s interesting that they decided to increase the size of the 12 pro model.

This year Apple’s decided to put OLED displays on all the iPhone models top to bottom. It is really exciting to see that these 12 models are expected to be under the thousands of bucks.

It looks like iPhone 12 models cameras are going to do come with the LIDAR Scanner that made its debut on the iPad pro earlier. This quarantine the LIDAR Scanner is a tool meant to measure the distance between it and the target. Using a little laser that measures the light reflection with the sensor.

So as far as real-world use is concerned a Ladder Scanner. A Ladder Scanner is going to improve autofocus performance especially the portrait mode performance. The AR applications for all four iPhone 12 models are expected to pack the A14 chip.

What Standard these Models Are Going to Support?

These four iPhones brings 5G capability to the table. Apple’s going to help reduce a lot of e-waste. It looks like iPhone 12 is going to include a USB-C power cable in the box. We should expect 12 models are likely going to use an aluminum frame and the 12 pro models are going to have that slightly more high-end stainless steel frame.

As far as colors are concerned, there is a wider rumor that the iPhone 12 pros are going to come in a midnight blue color. This is to replace the midnight green from last year but that’s pretty much it as far as what we know.

The new colors for the pro models are somewhere tough to predict the standard iPhone 12.  But based on tradition we should definitely expect a black and white.

With some other interesting color options, a lot of people have suggested that the iPhone 12 series are going to come with the same color options as the new iPad Air.

More About the Camera Part

More about the camera

It looks like iPhone 12 might include 64MP main camera. This is something a great upgrade from 12MP that we see in the iPhone 11. There is also a rumour that it will include multiple lenses that are going to work well in the night mode shooting. This model might have an ultra-wide lens.

What is the Expected Date of Launching the iPhone 12?

expected date of launching

 The latest updates suggest the iPhone 12 will finish up its manufacture in the month of July. But now, as far as we know it is going to get launch on 13th Oct 2020. And, as per the source, the cost of the iPhone 12 is accordingly.


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