In the present era, losing a smartphone can lead you to unprecedented problems both in professional and personal fields. However, there are a few best-rated apps that can track your lost or stolen Android smartphone. You can just install any of the leading tracker apps on another smartphone and find the misplaced one.

Here, you will get the details of eight leading tracker apps having the most convenient support system for you in case of theft or loss of your mobile.

Top 8 Tracker Apps to Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone

The android tracker apps mentioned here comprise advanced features that can show you the exact location of your lost smartphone.

1. Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device

The Find My Device application is available on the Google Playstore and you can install it for free. It is popularly considered as the safest application to download as it is designed by Google itself. It gives you the convenience of tracking any smart gadgets like phones, watches, and tabs.


  • Can show you the exact location of your lost smart device
  • You can see both the network and battery setup with the help of the application
  • Gives you the convenience of locking and unlocking a lost smart gadget at your fingertips


  • Available for free
  • Can access the content of your lost device
  • Hardly has any bugs
  • Can work without GPS


  • Unable to track smartphones which are newly formatted
  • Not compatible with IOs or Windows

2. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is another leading tracker application used to find a misplaced smartphone. It comprises several features and has a better user-friendly interface. It works with activated GPS and a pro version is available with the app as well.


  • Finds the exact location of a lost device instantly with GPS support
  • Can make the lost device vibrate or ring
  • Gives you a notification when someone changes SIM card

(Pro Features)

  • Ability to command the lost device to take pictures with the camera
  • Allows complete deletion of the phone data
  • Compatible with a landline that enables easy activation


  • Available in a dual package
  • Offers several features in the pro version
  • Free access to basic features


  • The pro version may crash at times

3. Find My Device

Find My Device

When it comes to location tracking, you can expect to get the best performance from Find My Device. The ability to lock any feature is also available with this application. You can also block all personal data from a lost smartphone with the help of Find My Device.


  • Ability to display indoor maps for houses, stadiums, airports, malls, etc.
  • Easy deletion of data from the lost phone
  • Available for free on Google Playstore


  • Highly supportive application
  • Indoor maps are accurate


  • Has restricted compatibility

4. iSharing


iSharing app comes under the premium segment. It acts as a location tracker that not only tracks your family members but also tracks your lost smartphone. You can easily make groups and set communication cues that can support you during the emergency of phone theft or sudden loss.


  • The panic alert feature can send messages to all regarding your state of panic when you shake the phone
  • Shows the detailed location history every time
  • Maintains instant responsiveness


  • Offers unique safety features
  • Enhances real-time communication with your friends in a group
  • A clear interface makes the app user-friendly


  • Offers only a 7-day free trial version

5. Trackview

If you are looking for a phone tracker app that comes with maximum features, you should try the Trackview application. The best thing about this app is cloud recording.


  • Presence of IP camera
  • Motion and sound detection abilities
  • A two-way audio mechanism is present
  • Offers night vision too


  • Despite offering premium features, the app is available for free
  • Highly responsive application
  • Shows a clear map and works with GPS
  • Supports 64 bits color
  • Compatible with Windows and iOS too


  • The latest update has some bugs

6. BitDefender Anti-Theft

BitDefender Anti-Theft

The BitDefender Anti Theft is not just a tracker app but it also has diverse features that provide all-round protection to a smartphone. The BitDefender Anti-Theft app has got a paid and a free version as well.


  • Presence of Autopilot that gives recommendations related to the security
  • Phone locking feature when lost or stolen
  • Easy way to delete all data in case of misplacement
  • Easy connectivity to your smartwatch
  • Mugshot feature instantly takes the photo of a person who tries phone tampering


  • Highly responsive applications
  • Require a lesser amount of phone memory
  • Regular updates and bug fixes
  • Hardly any lag while tracking


  • Only android compatibility

7. Safe365

The Safe365 is a location tracker application. It acts as your first-hand support to track your lost smartphone. Moreover, it helps to keep track of the location of your family members as well. You can make certain safe zones on the Safe365 application.


  • Efficient location tracking
  • Customizable safe zones
  • Easy location sharing


  • Free availability on Google Playstore
  • High application upkeep


  • Compatible with Android only

8. Prey Anti-theft

Prey Anti-theft

The Prey Anti-theft provides amazing tracking support to both android and non-android devices. You can find this application on Google Playstore as well as the Apple App Store.


  • Offers excellent tracking mechanism
  • Automatic reporting mechanism for a missing gadget


  • User-friendly application
  • Compatible with different types of smart gadgets
  • All basic extensions available


  • No cons as such

A few things to remember

There are several android smartphone tracker apps present in the Google Play Store. Some of them are completely free, and the rest have both a free basic version and a paid version. You can choose any tracker app but always try to make certain considerations.

While choosing the best tracker app for your stolen or lost android device, try to check the review points of the Play Store primarily. The review point works as a key element to consider the level of performance of any application.

Moreover, always consider reading the customer reviews before installing any app. Avoid apps with more negative reviews.

However, in some tracker apps, you may find a decent review point and few negative reviews simultaneously. Generally, this situation arises when an application update comes with a bug. All leading applications run bug fixes regularly and you can download the updated version.

Memory space is another important element that you need to consider when downloading a tracker application. The best way you can install a large tracker app on your phone is by deleting irrelevant data along with the captcha.

Generally, all free tracker applications come with ads. In such a scenario, you must consider changing a particular app if you face any problem while using it.


Now that you have a clear idea about the best tracker apps for stolen android phones, all you need to do is to install a specific app according to your necessity and enhance your phone’s security now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I track an Android mobile phone if the data is turned off?

A1: No, in case the data connection is turned off, you cannot track a stolen Android phone. The same applies if your smartphone is in the flight mode.

However, you can track the last location of your phone before the culprit turns off the data connection. A strong phone password can restrict the thief to do so.

Q2: Can the IMEI number of my smartphone help track it on being stolen?

A2: Yes, you can opt for IMEI tracking in case your android smartphone is stolen. Seek help from police in case of IMEI tracking. You can also download an app that executes IMEI tracking for an android smartphone.

Q3: Are free stolen android tracking apps reliable?

A3: Most free stolen android tracking apps are quite reliable. However, you must always check the user reviews before downloading a free tacking app to find your stolen android.