There are inventions out there that fizzle out not long after they come into being and there are others that leave their mark forever on us and the entire world.

The inventions that made our day to day life easy and still do to this day are the only ones worthy of mention herein. Because these are special inventions that are special for their uniqueness and for the fact that no one else can touch them for their creative presence in reality.

The always changing touch of technology, science, and inventions has definitely increased a great deal since the 20th century. More so than any other century, the 100 years that make up the 20th century did see a very fast rate of new inventions, and these invention ideas were truly new inventions at that time which offered lots of wonder and great novelty to everyone who got to experience them in their infancy.

The new inventions of the 20th century were some of the biggest invention ideas to ever grace that specific era in time and do still grace everywhere even today. The 20th century did start out with the early birth of wondrous flying machines called airplanes, mechanical transportation vehicles called automobiles, and the appearance of radio. The very first radio receiver to be made was put together in 1901 and did send out the very first radio signal that was successful.

All of these 20th century inventions were one of a kind and made by one of a kind inventors who would go on to pioneer and change the world in their own ways. These invention ideas became the “inspiration” for my inventions and your inventions that could come along in the future. They are dreams that were made into a lasting reality for generations now and generations to come.

Invention ideas such as these do express innovation to the highest degree allowed. They also must be commended for the huge impact that they have made on humanity as an influence.

If one had to name the top five inventions ever made for the 20th century, it would prove to be very hard to cut the list down, as this period in time is remarkable for the number of scientific discoveries and technological advances that were made at such a fast rate.

However, the top five new inventions for the 20th century would have to be all of the following, the invention of the airplane by the Wright Brothers in 1903, Henry Ford’s Model T automobile in 1908, the invention of FM radio in 1933 by Edward Armstrong, the invention of television finally emerged in the early 1950s with the help of many inventors making it possible, the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928, and number five is the first functional personal computer called the Apple invented by Stephen Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976.

Some of the invention ideas that did become classic inventions in highlight here are just a small fraction of what the the 20th century did produce.

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