Earlier it was reported that Apple is rejecting iOS apps that link to Dropbox for ambiguous reasons and the cloud-storage expert has now disclosed that it is working with Apple to resolve the issue.

The rejections center around an in-app link to the desktop version of Dropbox, which enables users to purchase increased storage space for their account, but the company is regularly communicating with Apple to resolve the issue, as a statement to Apple Insider unveils:

Apple is rejecting apps that use the Dropbox SDK because we allow users to create accounts. We’re working with Apple to come up with a solution that still provides an elegant user experience.

Dropbox is not just depending on Apple to fix the issue although, as it has developed a temporary solution while it works on fully resolving the issue, which is anticipated to be fixed over the next week.

The Dropbox service is heavily popular, despite of the fact that a number of competitors, including Google Drive, have joined the cloud-based storage party. As a de facto industry product, it is utilized by many great developers and third parties.

With that in mind, it’s not astonishing to know that Apple is working with Dropbox to resolve the rejections, which are troubling many members of its developers association.