Vinove Software & Services got its base back in 2004. The company got its name when I thought of something like ‘we innovators’, which eventually reached an acronym “Vinove”. I never thought it would one day be one of the fastest 50 growing IT companies covering and offering a wide spectrum of services to its clients.

I could have said Vinove over-delivered always, but I chose to stay calm until there was another feather added in the hat; Invoicera, my new discovery. To put it simple, Invoicera was introduced to simplify billing, which it did and is still creating ripples.

My concern was to bring about a change in business operations, more importantly using creatvity to make life simpler. Having said that, I do understand that there’s nothing new under the sun. But, the way things are said and delivered could more or less be not known to the world. It must have been thought by many, while many might have been framing the concept, when I had made one already. …It happens!

If I go back to 2004, I had enough funds to start-up anything, but I went for a service based enterprise initially and then brought-in a couple of in-house products. To be very candid, I’m proud to see Invoicera serving pretty well. It didn’t go off to a flier, had a decent start but the world soon took notice. Now in 2012, if I were to believe the stats, the total number of paid users have crossed the 20,000 mark. I guess, there’s still a long way to go, clearly!


How does Invoicera stand apart?

  • Increases overall invoicing speed by 10X
  • Facilitates expense and time tracking features
  • Offers Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual Features
  • Features template customization option.
  • On the go invoicing with Mobile apps.
  • Listed on Google apps.
  • Advanced Search feature for better results.

Though, there are more features apart from the aforementioned like data backup, multiple invoice templates, and the option to set up one’s own exchange rate. And I reckon, there’s much scope for start-ups and early birds that have just stepped-on to the entrepreneurial battleground to use the online invoicing application. They can save some bucks using Invoicera by reducing paper costs and obviously can have the convenience of cutting cost. Using Invoicera could help them leave a mark on the clients. A great way for start-ups to portray a professional image of their company. One could add to the green environment campaign by saving lots of paper, thereby wood, thereby trees.